Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today I packed up the kids for a trip to work to attend a baby shower for Jacob, Rachel's soon to be here baby, and another co-workers baby. The first step was to get Katie up out of bed and dressed and ready. She wasn't crabby which was really good! I thought for sure she would be because she got to bed so late last night but she did great! Jacob was ready in about 15 minutes and off we went. Only 7 minutes later than I had planned to get out of the house! We got there at around 11:00 and I managed to get Katie out and Jacob in his stroller without any trouble. The only problem I ran into is that I forgot I would have to park at a meter! Luckily I had $1.50 so that was good for an hour and a half. Mom saved the day by putting a few more quarters in while I was at the shower. We sat and visited until 1:00 and opened gifts - I didn't expect that... I thought we would have some good treats and call it a day but ended up getting some very cute things! After the shower, we went to grandma's office to say hi. Katie was very excited to see her, she was trying to pull me out the door at one point during the shower so we could go to grandma's office! Grandma got to show off her grandkids and then it was time to get going. We headed to the elevators to make our way out to the car when... disaster struck, or so I thought. Katie was walking off of the elevator and her new bracelet she had gotten from grammy and grampy fell off her wrist. Gulp. I heard a clink... clink........clink clink as it fell to the bottom of the elevator shaft. Gulp... again. Imagine my surprise when she didn't react at all! So we went on our merry way. Whew! Got to the car and got everyone/everything loaded up. Everything was fine until grandma said goodbye to us and started to walk away. Katie was not happy about that. She wanted grandma to come with us. I told her that grandma had to finish working but she just didn't seem to care and she cried and cried. So I did what any smart mom would do... I called grandpa to ask if he wanted us to come to his work for a visit. We got the okay so I asked Katie if she wanted to go home or go visit grandpa at his work. Of course she wanted to go see her "umpa" so we did! We spent about 2 hours there too and had a nice visit and a nice walk through the new cafeteria and buildings. Katie had a great time with her grandpa but eventually it was 4:15 and we had to leave! Katie told us she wanted to go someplace else now. I told her we were heading home... she wasn't happy and told me again that "I want to go someplace else mommy!" but finally realized that we were going home. I was very happy that there were no tears this time!

Back to work tomorrow. :( I'm not unhappy to go back to work, I just wish I could do it at home or maybe take the kids with me? Nah, that probably wouldn't work. Jacob's toots can be pretty stinky and Katie isn't quite tall enough to reach the files. Maybe we'll win a contest or something for a million bucks so John and I can stay home together with the kiddos and live a life of leisure.

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