Friday, November 13, 2009

Jacob, you're not a stunt baby so stop it!

Katie's pink chair has been the scene of many a stunt. Mostly perpetrated by one baby boy.

Jacob has, on more than one occasion, crawled onto the seat, then onto the back then

1) slid off when the chair topples.
2) onto the seat of daddy's recliner, then onto the arm where he's tried to reach the lamp.
3) tried to get on the baby gate causing it to wobble dangerously.

It's too much. There's not enough padding to wrap you in to make mommy feel safe about any of these stunts.

So it's got to stop.

Katie has only ever ONE time crawled onto the seat, then onto the back, then toppled off when the chair fell back causing her to fall off of said chair and into the baby gate, scraping her back (at least that's what I assume happened because she was crying so hard she couldn't tell me). All because you did it first and came out of it laughing. Really hard.

So please stop. You're not a stunt baby and Katie doesn't need any more owies.


Dear Katie and Jacob,

My Sweet Children,

Mommy loves you dearly. Mommy loves it when you want to cuddle (Katie) and when you want to snuggle (Jakey) and I love it lots when you want to just sit by me and *be*.

I just have one request. It's simple really and there's no reason you couldn't help your mother out.

Please, PLEASE be careful with your tiny elbows and your big heads. This week, I've been poked and pushed, bumped and bruised. Jake, your head has bumped (with great force) against mommy's lip many a time and Katie, your elbow has poked(also with great force) mommy's nose. I have to say kids that this really hurts. It's usually far and few between that mommy worries about getting a black eye, fat lip, or bloody nose but this week you've really been active.

So, I would like it if you could be a bit more gentle.

Also, if I could just throw this out there, do you think mommy could have some quiet time just all by myself? Not a lot... maybe just 10 minutes each day after work to collect my thoughts before the complaint/demand "window" opens? I don't know if you realize this but before you, my precious babies, came into my life, I had hours and hours of quiet time. And it was nice. Then with the addition of one sweet, happy baby girl, that changed a little. Still pretty quiet but different. And with the addition of our sweet, rambunctious little boy it's changed a lot. Lots. Really a bunch. Playing by yourself you are still pretty quiet but when the two of you get together to play, you play together loudly.

Now, I'm not saying that I would ever want to go back to the boredom of those early days because I wouldn't trade either of you for any amount of peace and quiet or alone time.

I'm just sayin' that it would be nice if you could grant me, your wonderful mommy, 10 minutes of quiet at some point each day. Or at least the time it would take mommy to use the facilities all by my self. Because mommy doesn't feel lonesome when I'm going potty. Really, I don't mind.

So, that's it. You are both too cute for words.



An Ode to My Glasses

On the
bathroom floor.

Under a


As I step
out of the tub.

Katie playing
while I'm in the shower.

So quietly
but I didn't stop to wonder

What she might be
playing with.

I guess I should have asked.