Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

Here's my Wordful Wednesday...

Jake stayed home with me one afternoon while John and Katie went to visit grandma Mary Lou.  I think Jake liked the peace and quiet.  He played on all three of the kid bikes and on the scooter without once being elbowed aside by his big sister.

We also tried going for a walk but only got around the corner before he decided he liked the toys in one of the yards and that he wanted to play with them right then.  I had to carry him back (after I chased him down).  He landed a few good hits on my lip while he was thrashing about, but I managed to keep him in my arms and get him home without too much damage to my face... although it was just a teensey bit embarrassing.

Ahh, Katie.  Katie got a new ceiling fan the other day.  Grandpa, Grandma, mommy, and Jake went with to help choose one that wouldn't be too pink or too frilly (I thought I should go so I could veto anything that would fit either of these two categories.  I wanted to keep things neutral.).

Well, what do you see in that picture?  Flowers and hearts?  Check.  Pastel pink background?  Check.  Next time maybe I'll just stay home.

Katie's job was to screw together the fan blade and the part that fits the blade into the fan.  And also to make funny faces at the camera.  A+ for Katie. 

I remember watching my dad do work like this when I was younger.  I haven't given much thought to it but it's so fun to see her "helping" grandpa with stuff, and she really was a help!  She handed grandpa the pliers and screwdrivers, and she really did put together fan blades... at least three of the four!  Jake was also there, but he was more interested in climbing the ladder.  See?

Ahh, and this is what happens when Jake has something Katie considers HERS.  I thought this was a chase to win custody of the Woody doll... but now I think this was the chase to get her chapstick that Jake had picked up off of the floor and carried away.  Woody was causing problems earlier when both kids were still in play clothes and not jammies. 

Ah, Woody.  Too bad we can't clone you, or find another one of you for really cheap.  Then there would be no discussion over who you belonged to, which would lead to more peace and quiet.  That would be nice.

So that's it.  My first Wordful Wednesday.  I'm linking up on Parenting by Dummies here.  Maybe.  If I can figure this whole "linking" thing out.  That's why this is my first Wordful Wednesday... or first anything that requires me to figure out how to link.  Maybe I should ask Katie how it works... she's pretty smart ofr a 4 year old.