Monday, February 27, 2012


The boys are sharing! 

So what if it's pink eye.  Sharing is sharing, right?

Um, if you just shouted "NO!" while vehemently shaking your head and making sweeping arm gestures...

well, I totally agree with you.

Sharing conjunctivitis isn't as nice as sharing oh, say, a truck or a cookie. (Mmmmm. Cookies!)

And also I want to know who came up with the name "pink eye"?  It sounds.. cute and fuzzy!

Conjunctivitis is not cute and fuzzy. It's all matted eyelashes, avoiding wet baby kisses and hands (at least if ya want to avoid catching it yourself!), crying over eye drops (Jackson) and eye ointment (Jacob... because I thought we could hold him down for a quick eye swipe better than actual drops) and is not all of the fun it's name implies.

Luckily John is really good at wrangling them for the eye stuff AND the amoxicilan Jack is taking for his neverending cold.

So, pray for us. We really don't want to get sick ... again (I still remember the puke incident from a few months ago. *sigh*).

At least Jake is still his usual, charming and sneaky (did I just type that?? Um, yeah. I did.) self.

Case in point?

John saw Jake walking to his room with a glass of water and when he walked to the kitchen and back to his room with a refill, daddy investigated. Especially after, when questioned, Jake paused to tell him that he wasn't spilling.  Which is probably true because he was probably pretty intentionally "dumping" the water out. And that's not the same as "spilling" to a 3 year old.

When he saw daddy coming down the hall, he shut his door.

Daddy opened the door and stopped him before he could dump the cup out in the middle of his floor, to add to the puddle he'd already started.

Crisis averted.

And a clean floor to boot!  Win, win!

Now, if only he would have rolled around in the water a little.

Bathtime*? Check.  We could've called it a day.

Maybe next time... maybe.

*Okay, I wouldn't classify that as a bath.  There would have to be soap involved and after the last incident of a very bubbly bubble bath and unusually foamy hair because *someone* hid the bubble bath bottle under the bath water, mommy learned to lock that stuff up. So I'm sure we won't be enjoying any spontaneous puddle baths any time soon.  Unless he convinces Katie to help him with the child proof locks (that I've already mentioned are *not* childproof for Katie).  She might help him too. If she can pin it on him (or the baby) when they get caught.

Love these kids... they keep me on my toes!  And, even with this pink eye fiasco, they're super cute!