Friday, August 14, 2009

Katie, Paigey, and the Park

Mike and Paige came over last night. We had a deeeelicious dinner of tuna sandwiches (with pickles), chips, and pear slices. Paigey had a deeeelicious pb&j sandwich with some puffy things.

Mike spilled juice on his shirt, then on the floor, at two different times. It was funny. But maybe only to me... his sister.

We got in the car to drive to the park (I know... we're so close we could have walked) and parked in a far away lot so we did get some extra excercise!

Katie and Paige went on almost ALL of the slides, climbed up some scary (for mommy to watch) climbing things, and went on the swings too.

The girls also tried to roll down the hill. It was funny.

We got home at about 8:30 and Katie went to sleep at about 10:00 so I think the park tired her out. (YAY!)


Katie is either really imaginative or just plain strange.

This morning I woke up for work and checked on the kids. I had to check on Jacob because he only woke up once last night and I usually see his sweet baby face at least three times a night (since he's teething). I put the orajel on his gums and fed him a little bit of bottle and he fell asleep so I think it's helping him feel better.

Anyway, when I checked on him, she was not in her bed. I found her sleeping on the couch with her legs over the armrest. When I ask her why she was there, she said that "Lola was awake and that's why I need to be awake and on the couch sleepin."

This evening, she's attached her boxes of play food to the tops of her feet with hair binders and called them shoes. And walked around the house with them on for about 40 minutes.

And I've just finished telling her that no, you can't wear your shorts under your jammy shorts... please take off your outside shorts and put your jammys back on.

She's not having any trouble being alone with mommy and daddy. (Grandma and Grandpa took Jake to the lake with them so it's just the three of us.)

I think it's cuddle time now, she was up early this morning.

She's sitting on my lap pretending to type on the mousepad. It's so cute.

Ramin Noodles for Dinner

The other night I was trying to decide what to have for dinner and it was a toss-up between rack of lamb and duck l'orange.

Oooooo-kay, maybe a little bit of here's the truth about the other night.

I was walking from our pantry to the fridge and back again trying to decide what to have for dinner. Katie was following me back and forth and on about the 3rd trip into the pantry (I guess I just kept hoping something new would magically appear to no avail) Katie pulled out the ramin noodles I bought for John on our last grocery trip. (I don't make him eat these, he actually asked me to pick some up!)

Katie picked one out and said, "Mommy, I want to have this for lunch." I decided that lunch was close enough to dinner and if I add a pudding cup and an ear of corn, I would have an *almost* good-for-her dinner.

After reading the directions on the pack... at least three times because I have never in my whole life made ramin noodles and I thought there might be some kind of small print because they can't be that easy, can they? ... I boiled the water and got cookin'.

Katie was thrilled with her noodle soup and I actually liked it!

Now I just wonder... was it so tasty because I had worked up an appetite after my fridge to pantry workout?