Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jesus and Truth - something interesting I read today.

You'll have to copy and paste this because I don't know how to link. :( That was a sad face with tears (and I don't know how to do emoticons in blogger either).

Update to "inches"

Pot luck. At work. Today.

What a great way to start my second day of writing down everything I eat. Not really.

It's awful. I mean, who wants to write down "salad, egg roll, crackers with cream cheese and peper jelly, cookie, sloppy joe, special k bar, tiny wieners" and the pot luck isn't over yet!

Well, apparently I must. Because you may have noticed that I didn't say "who wants to eat" all this stuff because well, it's already down the hatch. And it was yummy. Really good. Maybe I was getting faint from hunger after my light breakfast of pop tarts with butter and a banana. (I'm just kidding about the "light" part, for all of you who want to tell me that two pop tarts have the caloric equivelant of 500 spoonfulls of sugar. I already know... and still I enjoy. With lots of butter.) Hmmm.

Anyway, wish me well as I jump back on the bandwagon... tomorrow. :)