Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Does that come in "baby speak?"

Last night me and Katie were downstairs and I was going to grab the laundry out of the dryer and dump the wet stuff in and rush back up to catch Kell on Earth, when Katie asked me to bring the basket with un-matched socks upstairs so we could match them.  Like that could be super fun. 

Well, not really wanting to match socks that I didn't think had matches, I kindly declined and explained to her that there weren't any matches in the basket and that I needed to finish laundry before we could find them all... because *someone* doesn't put the dirty socks together in the hamper... nooo, I find them all over after I've started the wash, and then they go in two different loads, and then I can't match the clean ones and I have to put them in a basket for later and I can't finish my laundry because there's a basket of UNMATCHED SOCKS... and let's just say, it's annoying (and it's totally not Katie and Jacob who do this).  Whew... deep breaths.

Okay, so I didn't say all of that, but boy I was thinking it.

And she persisted with her plea.  So I told her she could match them up right there.  She agreed and I started to fold laundry.  Another yay.

She found 6 matches in that basket.  And each time she was so proud of herself.  And each time I was so surprised that there was another pair in the basket that I had to give her a high five... and resist the urge to check her pockets to see if she had the matches hiding on her just so she could pull them out and prove me wrong!  She went through the whole basket very carefully and I was so proud of her for sticking with it and being such a good helper.

Oh, and Dora was talking about patterns (from what I could gather).  I know this because Katie was talking about how my laundry baskets were arranged in a pattern of clean and dirty and cold wash and hot wash and warm wash.  Who knew she knew this word?

Oh, and this weekend was AWESOME.  John got up with Jacob on Saturday and Sunday (when usually I get morning duty on Saturday and a rest on Sunday) and I didn't even *have* to go grocery shopping.

*Have* to go means I need to go get something we've run out of that is necessary for cleaning a tushy or filling a tummy, and we're getting so low (by my standard) that I would be nervous about not having a backup of the item.  Things like: TP, diapers, wipes, and milk.  (I've taken chocolate chips off of my list.  I know, yay for me!  Even though they are at Costco and ON SALE this week.  But I'm not going to get them, no way... anyway, the kids got a hold of my coupon book so the majority of the chocolate chip coupon is in the trash with the rest of the shreds).  Ahem... you know, the things you can't live without.

So it was pretty quiet.  I had time to discover some things too... like:

1) Maybe Katie isn't the only child with a destructive streak toward paper products.  After watching Jacob shred the newspaper ads I left on the chair, I've realized that Katie might not always be the culprit.

2) The mess of toys on the floor might be courtesy of one little boy who seems to like pulling ALL of the toys out of his bins and throwing them on the floor.  I think he likes the noise they make as they hit.

3) Jacob cries just because he's mad and nothing mommy can do will help him feel better (now that we're out of ice cream).

4) Jacob is going to be a runner (especially now that he knows how to push the sliding door open just enough to get his head out... his head is the biggest part of his body so once that's through, he's taking off.)  We'll probably be thankfull for this if it continues after he's 18.

5) Jake knows how to pull wipes out of the wipe container verrrry quickly.

6) Jake knows how to climb on and stand up on things that aren't meant for standing on.  Which means that they fall over and he falls off.  So far no blood.  (Except that one time when he got a tiny bloody nose after falling and landing with his face... but I wasn't home so it's kind of like it never happened and I just don't need to think about my precious little boy getting hurt and that it could have been much, much worse.  Good thing I don't have to think about that.)

7) Jake will climb on anything that gets him up higher than he can get by standing on his own two feet.  Which means that the couch, numerous chairs, and pretty much any other surface he can get to are going to result in some kind of fall.  See #6.

8) Daddy's laptop is not sacred.  Not when daddy's chair is empty, the laptop is open, and the mouse is on the side table just waiting to be drooled on.  Nope, not at all.

So things are moving along pretty well here.  Though sometimes I think it would be good to keep safety in mind by posting a "_____ days since our last accident" poster.  Do those come in "baby speak?"