Friday, August 28, 2009

Fever and teething and constipation, oh my!

Jake needs baby tylenol. He's been waking up pretty much every two hours which results in me being up for an hour and a half, just dropping off to sleep, only to get up again!

It's either from his shots, from his teething, or from being constipated so tonight after a trip to the grocery store for some baby tylenol for fever/pain and baby orajel for teething (we've already got the prunes for the other issue), I'll be well armed to treat anything that comes my way tonight.

I'll consider this a success if I get more than 3 hours of sleep tonight.

We'll see.

Stop... In the name of the law!

Last night as I was using the "facilities" Katie stood in the doorway, put her hand up and said "Stop! In the name of the law". I thought at first that she was saying In the name of Love but then realized after a few more repititions that she had indeed "deputized" herself.

So she continued... Mommy, you get a ticket! Me, puzzled, "Why?"

She answered "because... (and I don't remember why I was getting the ticket now)" and she pushed her hip and tushy butt out to the side and made a motion like she was pulling a ticket book out of a holder then she made a big show of holding up a ginormous ticket (she held her hands out to the side like she was holding a piece of paper larger than her head) and putting it on the counter next to me.

It cracked me up. Oh, it just started with a little "isn't she cute" giggle but when she gave me another ticket for laughing (complete with pulling the ticket book out of the holder and holding her hands out to show me the ticket) I started to outright laugh.

Well! That resulted in another ticket complete with all of the motions, and another and another, and another, and another. Till she finally stopped giving me tickets for laughing and just joined in.

Where does she get this stuff?