Saturday, May 28, 2011

We're usually in and out of the library because SOME little people don't know what SHHH means...

But last weekend there was a library event that was right up Jake's alley (and a lot of fun for the rest of us too).

There was a guitar player, a keyboard player, a wood chip carver, and an artist showing kids how to make clay animals from pieces of clay!

We got to choose four colors and then we rolled, shaped, and cut and when we were done we had these cute little turtles!

Katie made the orange and red turtle. The artist was really nice and complimented her on how well she did. Mine is the purple and yellow one. I did okay too. But boy is it hard for me to stop "fixing" it as I go.

Daddy and Jake looked at books while we were creating.

Just before everyone packed up, we went to see the keyboard player. For his last song he got John and Katie (and some poor, unsuspecting older library ladies) up to do "head, shoulders, knees and toes". I was exempt because I'm hugely pregnant... yay me.

After 2 rounds of the song, Jake decided daddy should hold him so he wandered over. Luckily for John because he ended up standing with Jake and doing the moves with him. Those library ladies weren't as lucky... I think they did the song 10 times and each time the leader asked Katie if she thought they could go FASTER and every time she would nod yes. And the library ladies would sigh. Good sports though. Even if everyone was a little sweaty there at the end!

Lots of fun and it was nice that Jake didn't get shushed at all!

I'm typing this from my phone so please forgive any funny typos!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Katie WILL have her birthday celebration today! (Even if we all need to take shelter in the basement.)

Today was supposed to be Katie's big birthday bash, postponed from April because Jake got sick with a virus.

And now we've got tornadoes.

Seriously. Like trees down, sirens blasting, debris flying.


The kids are with Grammy and Grampy this afternoon so we can get everything decorated and cleaned up for her party at 5:30... and now I don't know if there's going to BE a party.

They're doing fine (even Katie with her obsession of the news coverage of the tornado) with Grammy and Grampy so that's a relief.

Katie prayed a very nice prayer, Grammy told me when I called. I don't know what she said exactly but I would bet it included asking God to keep her toys safe.

Okay... so it's a couple of hours later and the weather seems promising.

The house is fine and we're all safe, thank God for that.

Now to avoid going into labor, falling and breaking a bone, or any other hazardous event and we're home free!

Did I just jinx this thing?

Friday, May 13, 2011

So I had something scheduled to post last night... and blogger went and lost it. The gist of the title was "Don't bring Katie any toys."

It was all about... our Wednesday and how Katie went to gymnastics and did a spin on the bar and did so well that the teachers told the kids to watch Katie and do it like her.  This is after her walk on the high balance beam last week!  So proud.

It was all about... Grandma and Jake joining us for dinner at a fast food mexican place and grocery shopping.

It was all about... Katie totally having a huge fit because I told her to clean up her toys and then she could go for a walk with Grandpa.  It didn't go over well.  She cried, yelled at me, screamed, and carried on.  She was not behaving well.

It was about... me actually crying because I felt like a bad mom when Katie was just so naughty with her temper tantrum and screaming and yelling and carrying on.  This was all very upsetting to a pregnant woman with no AC in a house that felt like it was 1000 degrees hot.

It was all about... me worrying about getting our car fixed, paying for Katie's summer program, getting her school supplies, needing new windows, cleaning the carpets, washing baby clothes to put in drawers before June comes around, calling service plus to come out and look at our AC because when I turned it on Tuesday evening it wasn't working and I did I mention that I was HOT, tired, and sweaty? 

There's more, but I'll spare you.  I'll just say that it was pretty intense stuff.

And now, no one will ever read it.  Because it's gone thanks to Blogger's little issue.


Maybe that's okay because I do feel better today.

Not as good as I want to feel, but for sure not as hormonal and hopeless.