Monday, October 4, 2010

Two weekends ago we got to go to the lake.

So, mostly I write my posts with an actual reader in mind so I try to break up paragraphs, include some pictures, spruce things up a bit.  You know, so heads don't explode from the boredom. 

Aaaand sometimes I post stuff so I don't forget. 

This is one of those "not forgetting" posts. 

Which just means that if you're looking for something super funny and witty, you may not find it here today.  (But check back because the kids have been in fine form and have so kindly given me tons to share.)

Sooo, I apologize in advance but will tell you that it's still not going to be a long as my Texas post from February.  (I'm not linking back to this because you'll never get through the whole thing and also, I'm already tired from writing this all out.  And yes, it's about a week late in the posting.)

Here's my recap of our weekend at the lake:
1. Played outside (well, the kids did this mostly with Grandma and Grandpa.  I'm not known as an "outdoor" person.  Just like we're not "pet people" yet whenever Katie brings up the topic.)

2. Ate rueben sandwiches cooked in the fire and decided they were surprisingly tasty.  Gooey and hot and really greasy.  And doesn't that always equal GOOD?

3. Made homemade (from a box) pizza with hot dogs and peperoni as toppings.  (I remember mom making these when I was a kid, usually on Sunday nights.  Mom and Dad would set up the table in the living room and we would sit and eat and watch the Disney movie.  I loved that.)

4. Went for a walk into town and looked in a couple of the shops (didn't spend any money, even though I wanted to).  The kids got to ride in the wagon.  Me and Mom took turns pulling the wagon.  It was hard.

5. Made Ghiardelli brownies with red hots (I love red hots... or Cinnamon Imperials for you fancy pants people) .

6. Saw "The Switch".

7. Listened to the kids play together.

8. Listened to the kids fight over toys.

9. Listened to Katie cry and carry on because her princess blanket wasn't spread out properly. (It had WRINKLES, people!  This is a travesty for Katie.)

10. Went to Walmart (3 times).

11. Got my hair cut (at Walmart, which I swore I would NEVER do again after the great hair debacle of early 2010, also noted in my Texas post, but decided to give it one last shot and ended up with a great cut!).

12. Laughed a lot.

13. Got a horrible headache and didn't feel great.

14. Took a nap.  Katie came in to see what I was doing.  I had her precious Pprincess blanket over me and somehow I could sense that she was about to demand the return of the blanket.  I told her mommy didn't feel good so I'm resting.  Right away she morphed from demanding 4 year old into super sweet "mommy".  She felt my forehead and said "Oh, you're a little warm" and then started to tuck the blanket around my arms and my feet.  Then she said that I needed to take a nap and she would see how I felt later.  She was about to walk out of the room but stopped and came back to give me a kiss on the cheek.  I fell back to sleep marvelling at how Jekyll and Hyde her attitude can be... and glad that she took pity on mommy and was feeling more Jekyll than Hyde.

15. Ate almond crusted stuffed chicken breast with rice for dinner on Sunday.  The recipe exceeds my 4 ingredient limit (by about 15 ingredients) and it probably took at hour just for the preparation (this didn't even include COOKING TIME!) but it was really good and I would definitely eat it again.  But only as long as I don't have to make it.  (See #3 above.  That was my contribution.)

Ahhh, vacations.

Oh, then I was sick on Monday.  The outside time spent walking in town and cooking my reuben over the fire probably did me in.