Monday, November 9, 2009

Katie and Jake - First Plane Ride

I'm a little nervous but really excited. We (me, the kids, mom and dad) will be flying to Texas in January.

Nervous because I'm not sure how the kids will handle it... and excited because it will be really fun to see my family and introduce Jake to everyone. I'll get to see babies, kids who've grown from babies in the two visits I've made in the last 7 years, cousins, aunts and uncles, my grandfather... everyone!

I told Katie that we were going to fly in an airplane to get to Texas. She said "I scared mama." I asked why and she said "I scared I will fall out."

So we're back to nervous. What if she decides (at however many feet in the air we're at) that she doesn't *want* to be in the plane. I'm a little nervous that she will start her looooouuuuuud cry. It's like a siren in its repetition and it drives me bananas.

I think I'll have some candy (maybe suckers... maybe caramel wrapped around peanut butter wrapped in taffy - get it? Gooey candy = quiet toddler) for her during the flight and hope for the best. She'll probably be fine. Really. Probably.

Jake can only do two things... sleep or cry. I'm hoping he'll choose sleep. It's a long flight and I can't keep a bottle in his mouth the whole time. And candy for him is probably a no-no.

Then there's the car seat/stroller dillemma. Arg. I didn't ever think I would be able to travel anywhere while the kids were little (unless it was by car) so I didn't consider the logistics of a toddler and a baby.

I think mom has read up on stuff so I feel a little better but still... getting there is going to be a challenge.

But I can't wait!

Kids are funny...

I was folding laundry on Sunday and decided that I might as well pack the kids' bag for their trip to the lake on Friday.

Yes, I know it's a whole (almost) week away but there were enough clothes so I didn't think they would end up running around half dressed... well, maybe Jacob but he's usually in a onesie and diaper anyway (minus the onesie) so we would be fine.

I really truly did not pack them up on Sunday in eager anticipation of Friday's good bye's, no siree. I only wanted to avoid the rush on Thursday of bath and packing and all that good stuff. Katie decided to pack her toys too, even after I told her that we've got a lot of days to go before it's Friday and she might want to play with the toys she crammed into her toy bag to bring along... but she was determined to pack in advance. Oh well, I expect to see her toys on the living room floor when I get home. Oh well again. *sigh*

So, we had a great week. The kids were fun and cute and wonderful, as usual, there were no meltdowns and no one peed on the bathroom floor because they were too busy playing and didn't make it on time... 3 times. No siree.

No one spilled water on the floor while playing in the sink and then raced through the kitchen and slipped on that water and cried and cried and cried... No siree.

No one had a horrible accident on the living room carpet that grandpa helped clean up... No siree. (When I say horrible, I mean gross and icky... so it's a goooooood thing it didn't happen!)

So we've had a pretty quiet week with all of the stuff that *didn't* happen.

Oh, I hope to be updating more since I can do it on the road or from the comfort of my recliner now that (insert Oprah voice here... yep, it's her "announcey" voice I hear in my head when I'm really excited about something. I know. Strange.)

IIIIIIII got a blackberry!

I didn't think I would ever want one but John convinced me that we needed one for Christmas. We're sharing it because, while we did get a discouted price, the price tag made me second guess. And third guess... and keep guessing till I heard that I could go on Facebook and even do internet stuff (insert Oprah voice here...) from my owwwwwn recliner at which point I just had to say hook me up!

I did have a little gulp of worry about our budget but knew there was some wiggle room... I might have to save up for another month to get my under cabinet kitchen radio/cd player I've wanted for the last few months, but this is 10 times cooler so I'm okay with that.