Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Laundry. Why doesn't it just do itself?

I have a basket.

It's just one basket but it's full to the brim with socks. Based on the massive amount of socks in the basket, I am amazed that we have ANY socks in our dresser drawers.

I think about the actual size of socks. Not that big, right? And then I think about how many socks would be needed to FILL a basket. That's a lot of socks. And they're all in my basket.

And since I am the only person who I trust NOT to toss the socks around the room when forced to do something with them, I'm the one who will match them up and put them away. Although, if the kids were going to be home this weekend, I *might* have made them sit with me and help... but they're going to the lake with grandma and grandpa. So, down side is that I'll be matching and folding socks all by myself, the upside is that my matched and folded socks will stay matched and folded.

Of course I had to fit some fun friend plans into the weekend. We're going to some art thing... to look at some art. I'll get some culture and won't spend the day in sweat pants and a ratty t-shirt. I think there will be jewelry there too so I might even buy myself something pretty! That's my plan for fun.

My other, not so fun, plans include shopping for a new pair of jeans, getting an oil change, cleaning popcorn out of the van from the weekend, changing sheets, buying groceries. You know, the stuff that isn't as fun.

Oh well. It could be worse. I could be doing all of the not so fun stuff with three children in tow!

P.S. Here are some pics of the kids at a corn maze. Pumpkin carving pics to come soon!
Katie and Jake bouncing

Jake loved the corn pit

Queen of the hill


I wondered why he had such a weird expression on his face.
Then I realized he was being a pirate.

Katie got to hold a parakeet