Friday, May 28, 2010

The Little Things

Sometimes it's the little things that mean so much to Katie. Tonight she helped me make our PB&J sandwiches. She was in charge of the jelly application.

Sure it was hard for me, with my *tiny* perfectionist streak, to watch as jelly was clumped on the bread in a less than tidy manner, but boy was she proud of herself.

She also made her bed today and even though I was just dying to give her comforter a little nudge so the covers would fall into place (so the bed she just made would no longer look like she was still *in* it) I didn't. Instead I stopped, took a deep breath, turned to my beaming 4 year old and said "Great job Katie! Mommy is SO proud of you!"

That earned me a big hug and a sweet "I love you mommy!" which totally outweighs the risk of the twitch I may develop over the next few years of messily made beds and sloppy jelly sandwiches. Right? I'm also hoping that my memories of these sweet moments will sustain me during those teenage years (please don't tell me that this starts when they're six or I may start to well up) when I won't be the "best mommy in the world."

On a different note, I just overheard the intro to "The Golden Girls". I never really liked the show, but for some reason that tune always makes me sing along. I know. Weird.

Anyone else have a song like that?