Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Sound of Silence... can be bad.

Katie made a blackberry out of legos.

She was just now playing a "video game" on it... it was pretty cute!

Then I heard her say, "Call mommy cell mobile."

And a pause... then...

"Did you say, Call mommy cell mobile?" 

Another pause and then...

"Yes, I said "Call mommy cell mobile."


She's sitting on the carpet in front of the back door playing with a baby phone rattle, her "blackberry" and a block... they are friends and they are going ice skating.

Her conversation is going like this:

Go to my kids!
Got ya.
Hop in this cup.
Whew! Are you okay?
I'm glad you rescued us.  Now what?
I'm going to drop you like this.
Are you glad.. hee hee, whew!
Oh, you're cold?
Yeah, you don't have any boots on.
What!  No mittens?
Come on, lets go in the house and get your baby mittens.

It's been going on like this for about 20 minutes.  She's always fun to listen to when she gets into independent play.

Jake is waking up from his nap.  Once he gets up, the there's a whole new conversation.  This is what I'll probably hear:

Katie:            JAKE, NO!
Jake:            (no sound because he's intent on getting a toy from Katie)
Katie:            Mooooomy, Jake's taking away my stuff!
Katie (again):  JAKE, Stop It!
Jake:             Waaaaaaa!
Katie:            *Screech*
Jake:             WWWWWWAAAAAAAAA!
Katie:            Owie!


        Blessed silence (for about 2 seconds till it registers that, yes, the shove Katie gave him into the couch or onto the floor, or just anywhere *away* from her and her toys, really did hurt... mostly his feelings) then...

Jake:             Waaaaaa!

That repeats at random times throughout the day.  Till Katie goes to her room OR till Jake goes to sleep for the night.

At least I know that she knows how to resolve conflict... she does it all of the time with her baby dolls and her toys.  It's just with her brother that she lets loose.


On a happier note, we had company last night.  A friend from work and her hubby and kids came over for dinner.  We had a great time, Katie and Don played great and Jake didn't hit Marshall over the head with any toys.  In fact, Jake gave him a sweet, gentle hug out of nowhere!

Jakes up from his nap... I hope for the best... or at least that they keep it down a little.