Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Not in the mood for a picture:

Really. Not in the mood. Imagine this with a nostril flare and a little "hmph"

How precious!

Just hanging out

Playing with Babydoll in the walker:

Not big into sharing said walker with Jake:

She loves to draw

She loves knex

And this shopping cart with alllll of the groceries.
(Thanks mom and dad for bringing it back from the lake this weekend!)

The End!

Weekend Fun - Just mommy, daddy, and Jakey

Daddy and Jake:

Jacob laughing at Daddy:

Daddy laughing at Jacob:

Jacob likes his fingers:

Mommy gets a "thumbs up":

Just so cute

Jake and Mommy

I change him on Katie's bed sometimes. He loves the blanket. It's got Disney princesses on it and he puts his face on Snow White's face... it looks like a kiss!

Here, he's just relaxing:

He loves the tag on this thing:

The End!

Katie having fun outside

Jacob can sit up!

(Please ignore my lengthy commentary. And yes, John is wearing shorts. )

Leche... what you drink with cookies

Katie had fun last night. She got to go with Grandpa to visit Jon Long at his assisted living apartment. She didn't want to leave so they sat on a bench and looked at the flowers and probably whatever else she could find to look at in order to stretch the time out. She's good at that.

After that Grandpa took her to the panaderia for some pan dulce. She loves that. She got a cookie and convinced Grandpa that they should sit on the curb in the parking lot to eat it. I think she was having too much fun with Grandpa and she didn't want to go home!

When they did get home, she was sleeping so grandpa carried her in and put her to bed. I got her shoes off and she woke up. She wanted to go with Grandpa downstairs (he promised she could when they got home) so we got jammies on and after a little funny play time with daddy where Katie asked:

Daddy, do you like Kipper?
Yeahhhh, I love it!
Daddy, do you like Caillou?
Yeahhh, I love it!
Daddy, do you like SpongeBob?
Yeahhh, I love it!
Daddy, do you like Barney?
Yeahhh, I love it!

And on and on. And every time he answered, she got the giggles. And then I got the giggles and John got the guy version of the giggles (you know, the manly, macho version...).

Then we went downstairs. Katie, Jake and me.

Grandpa asked if we wanted leche. Katie did. I asked her what leche is and she said "It's something you drink with your cookie" and I giggled cause she's just so cute!

She ate her cookie and then it was time to go. But Katie didn't want to go. She wanted to "sit and talk for a little bit." So we did for a few minutes and then we went upstairs and had lights out.

We were all in bed by 10:30 (which actually seems late to me now that I'm a mom) and I was up by midnight to cuddle Jake and feed him a little and again at 2:30 for the same thing and no sooner had Jake gotten to sleep to the point where I could lay him down, than Katie woke up. I laid Jakey down and picked Katie up and we cuddled in the living room. Katie was pretty awake and smiley and I asked her why she woke up... was it a bad dream? And it was. She asked me "where that giant go?" and I explained that giants don't exist... that there are tall people but not mean giants. Then she asked me if the tall people have lots of teeth. So I guess it was a pretty scary dream if she saw a teethy giant... I fell back on the "daddy sprayed monster juice and that covers giants too" then we prayed and then she mentioned that maybe the giant wanted to be nice but didn't know how. So then I decided that it was way to early in the morning for a big discussion into the thoughts and feelings of the average mean teethy giant and we went to bed to watch TV.

Finally Katie fell asleep and not an hour later I heard Jake fussing. I thought it was a good time to wake daddy up so he could enjoy the early morning thunder/lightning storm ... and so I could enjoy some shuteye.