Monday, February 8, 2010

Yay Jake!!!

We celebrated Jake's 1st birthday on Saturday. It was a blast! Mom and Dad took the kids to the lake on Friday night so John and I had tons of time to prepare and decorate. And go to dinner together. And go shopping. So we did all that.
Jake's birthday theme for small plates, napkins, and a banner that said "Happy Birthday" was Mickey and Co. Everything else was generic.

The food was from Sam's Club. We had sandwiches, veggies, chips, and a delicious cake. And Mom brought a pistachio salad. Loved the food and so did everyone else! We only had a few croissants and chicken salad, cake, and veggies left.

Jake got lots of cute things and played with it all on Sunday. He would have wanted to dig in on Saturday except he was tired and went to sleep at about 7:30.

I didn't expect that, especially after the sugar rush I thought he would get after eating a whole slice of cake!

He was crying when we set him in his high chair and by the time I fed him a little frosting, he was interested in his cake. He totally made a mess but it was mostly on him and his tray and not on the floor! Kayla was going to give him a bath afterwards but he ended up not wanting to play in the water (he actually peed on her leg between dips in the tub! Sorry Kayla!). Katie and Paigey did so in they went. Spent about 30 minutes playing and laughing. Then it was jammy time and more play time.

All in all, a great day!

We did need to institute a new rule for Katie. If it's Jake's toy, it stays on the floor. I only had to mention that rule about 30 times last night... after I found a toy on the kitchen table, then on Katie's bed, and then on the bathroom counter. She knows the rule but doesn't seem to remember it when she's got a toy she doesn't want him to have. I can see the road ahead and it is rocky.

Oh, I went to a Scentsy party yesterday. Those things are cool. I ordered two; one for downstairs (so someone can STOP burning incense and use this instead!) and one for upstairs. They are for warming wax and use a lightbulb. The wax gets warm, not hot, and if it spills it should come up without staining. Perfect for a house with kids! Can't wait to get mine!

Dear Whoever needed a closer look at daddy's laptop,

Dear Whoever needed a closer look at daddy's laptop,
Now, I 'm not naming names (only because I don't know who the instigator was) but SOMEone touched Daddy's laptop. SOMEone pulled it off of the table and onto the chair. SOMEone managed to bend the disk drive tray till it broke completely off of the laptop. SOMEone almost put daddy into cardiac arrest. I wasn't there to see it but I bet his face got red and his eyes were shooting fire.

In the future, please keep your hands to yourself when it concerns very expensive equipment.

Love, Mommy
Dear John,

It took me awhile to realize you were going through stages of mourning but your laptop is not a person. Snap out of it already.

Actually, get it all out. I'm understanding like that. But if anything ever happens to me, I want you to lie in bed and moan about your loss just as much. M'kay?

Love, Your Wife
Dear Geek Squad Guy #1,

Thanks for worrying me and making us revisit our finances to see if we could afford the estimated $220 charge to fix our lapop. Thanks for not checking with someone who might know what they are doing to see if there would be an easier fix than you mentioned.

I don't like you and I've never even met you. Pppfftt.

Worried Customer
Dear Geek Squad Guy #2,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for telling us that we could pull out the drive and buy an EXTERNAL one. And for taking the time to pull out the battery so our laptop could function again. I'm so glad you have your multiple degrees! I know you usually work in the back room so you shouldn't have even been behind the counter helping us... but your help sure saved a lot of money and now... we lurv you.


Super Happy Customer