Friday, November 6, 2009

Katie's ready to go (aka: why you should always keep a key handy)

Katie has been locking her bedroom door lately. The first time she locked it, she happened to be in her room. Daddy was not. He had to talk her through turning the little switch on the knob to open the door. I could make a comment about how hard it was to talk to her through her yelling and crying but I figure that's just a given.

But I think she learned her lesson... or at least, she learned how to lock and unlock the door at will so we haven't had any repeats of this.

So good for her! She has learned to lock the door AND unlock... the only thing no one thought to mention to her was that if you don't disengage the lock before leaving the room and shutting the door, you're kind of outta luck if you want to go back into the room and ya don't happen to have a key.

Once grandpa found out (he's the one who got to unlock the door so we could get back in) he was able to find a new door knob without a lock. Thank you Grandpa!

So yesterday after dad's doctor appointment he and mom decided to go to dinner. After realizing they forgot a gift card for the restaurant, dad came home and mom went shopping. Dad fixed the door knob and while he was busy, so was Katie. I guess she (the kid who never dresses herself without a lot of huffing and puffing because it's to haaaaarrrrdd... and she's to tiiiiiredddd) pulled on her skirt and a top and socks and shoes and told grandpa "I ready to go!" and really with that kind of cuteness looking at him, he couldn't say no!

So Katie got to go to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and she ate wild rice soup, baked potato, green beans, and steak. YUM!!!

I ate frozen burritos.