Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mommy needs to slow down sometimes.

Katie usually plays really well just by herself with whatever random toys she pulls into the living room so she doesn't really need a lot of close supervision or attention. I usually holler for her when it's gotten too quiet and I can tell by the tone she uses when she answers "what?" how much I'll like what she's up to. If it's kind of a quiet, unsure answer, I know it won't be good. If it's cheery and upbeat and she says "what mommy?" then I'm usually pretty safe. If not, she might be tearing pages in a magazine or opening a juice box when mommy told her she couldn't have one till dinner! It's usually the cherry and upbeat "what" which is really lucky for me!

Well, today I was trying to prepare for her party. Jacob had finally settled down to lay on the floor on his play mat after a fussy morning so I thought I could get some stuff done for her party when Katie very sweetly asked me to read a book to her. I told her I was trying to do stuff but we could have reading time tonight... and she said "Please mommy!? Will you read this book to me?" How could I say no? I would hate for her to think that it was more important to me to work on her birthday preparation than to spend time with my baby on her birthday! So, we ready two books and she was ready for me to be on my way. It was nice to sit in the sun and see her smile and hear her laugh at the book we read together and it was good for me to slow down... I hope I showed her how special and important she is to her mommy!

Here's Katie reading a book to her baby doll!

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