Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Katie and the big birthday

It's been two months since we took Jacob home from the hospital. I think back to that day and I'm still amazed that we were entrusted with this tiny little baby. He seemed so fragile and needed so much. He still needs his mommy and daddy but he's not so fragile anymore! He's doing so well and growing so strong. He's started to smile and gurgle at us, and he watches Katie play - just staring at her. He still isn't sleeping more than 2 or 3 hours each night but I just keep telling myself "this too shall pass" and it helps. It helps me to remember that I'll be looking back at this in a year and I'll be sad that he's not the tiny baby he once was. On the other hand, I'll be much more rested!

Katie's birthday party was tonight. Her birthday was great! She woke up at around 10 a.m. and I went into her room to open the shades and sing her good morning song and she got dressed and we had breakfast. She wanted oatmeal and I was going to have eggrolls which she decided she needed too. So, she had a bowl of oatmeal and 2 mini eggrolls. Yum. Just kidding - ick! Then we cleaned up our mess and she played. Daddy got up at around 2:00 (he was on baby duty last night so he earned a nap today) and soon left to pick up balloons and the cake and I tried to get the table and dishes ready. It was not easy. Jacob was a little fussy and needed to be held, which was hard to do while I was trying to fold laundry and pick up toys! Daddy got home with a helium tank and he got the balloons ready while I started dinner prep. Grandpa and Grandma watched Jacob and Katie watched daddy blow up the balloons. Everyone arrived at about 6:30 and Katie was so excited that she had presents that I think she thought it was time to open them... she started with grandma and grandpas gift but luckily her grandma caught her and stopped her! She reminds me of her grampy... every Christmas he seems to have his gifts half opened by the time it's his turn to open! John grilled hot dogs and I made mac and cheese. Mom made a really good pudding salad and beans. Great food and a fun time! Katie opened gifts and she loves everything. Then we had cake. YUM! Everyone left at around 9:30 p.m. but Katie was up till about midnight playing with her toys. She fell asleep holding onto a small bag that came with a tiny puppy in it. I had to really work to get it out of her little hand... her fingers were closed tight around the handle!

Tomorrow we're going to a shower at my work for Jacob and some coworkers who are expecting or have had babies recently. Then on Thursday it's back to work for me!

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