Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sometimes I feel like I spend most of the day in the bathroom... with the kitchen and living room coming in sscond and third respectively.


Tomorrow we're celebrating Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpas.

Mom and grandma are making (between the two of them) turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, salad, dessert and probably more stuff I don't know about. I'm still a little unclear on what I'm supposed to bring. I guess I should call grandma. Now.

We're going to head over, eat lots of food, sit holding our tummys and head home.

Then on Friday we're going to decorate the 4' tree I bought at Menards with a few little ornaments and a polka dot ribbon Katie picked out. We decided to avoid the large, very heavy tree decorated with many breakable ornaments till Jake is out of his "shake it till it falls over or lands on you" phase. He's also going to be a climber so maybe we'll be using the small tree next year too.

This tree is going to reside in our living room window so if you're in the neighborhood on Friday night, swing by for a peek! (This is not an invitation for everyone we know to come into the house... though I guess we don't know many people and if you really wanted to stop by, just call first and I'll whip up some dessert and move Katie's kitchen and many toys from where they block the front door so you can enter without breaking someting - and by something I mean an arm or leg. No coffee though unless ya like instant.)

So, we're excited about that. And then on Friday night I think Katie is going to the lake for the weekend. Dad mentioned it to me last night but didn't actually invite her so I'm wondering if he was just expecting me to catch what he was throwing out there in the form of saying that mom will be shopping this weekend and he and Katie would have fun doing stuff or if I still need to confirm she's invited before I pack her clothes and she packs 50 of her favorite toys in multiple bags.

If she goes, I think, now that Jake is sleeping in his crib (woooo hooo!!!) I might attempt to watch a movie. But, I'll probably just end up going to sleep at 9:30 when I put Jake down cause that's what seems to happen.

Ahhh, and I don't have to work on Friday. I have a 4 day weekend to relax and have fun! Unless I go out to catch some black friday sales. Which I probably won't. Because it's probably not going to be relaxing. Or fun.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So, I didn't want to say too much and jinx the whole "sleep in crib" thing but...

Last night marked the THIRD night Jake spent in his crib!

Saturday night he fell asleep and I decided to put him in his crib (which doesn't ever work because he wakes up instantly). He started to cry (quelle suprise) and I considered picking him up, but then I reconsidered.

I thought "do I really want to continue squishing myself into bed next to Jake (when Jake gets to lay in the middle and ends up migrating so he's rightnexttome then I move over toward the edge of the bed and he scoots over so he's still rightnexttome but now I'm hanging over the edge just a little bit?

OR, did I want the bliss of freedom to read in bed, to go to the bathroom without rushing (because I'm afraid *someone* will wake up and crawl off of the bed), to snuggle with the covers pulled up to my neck (because I can't when Jake is next to me... he doesn't like to have his legs covered)... Yes, I wanted that bliss.

So I let him cry. Remembering ever episode of Supernanny I had watched this month (because really, that show is ALWAYS on!) really helped too. I remembered that parents are supposed to sit outside of the crib with their side to the baby so I did that. Oh, and no eye contact. (This got easier on night two and three because I was very busy playing Brickbreaker on my blackberry storm *insert hearts and hugs and kisses here because... I lurv my blackberry**.)

I felt very bad for awhile but at about the 40 minute mark Jake started to get sleepy. He would stand up and cry, then he would plop down onto the mattress and cry, then he would stand and then sit over and over and over. Finally, he plopped down on the mattress and stayed sitting. Then finally the moment I had waited for... he flopped down onto his tummy and rested his head on the boppy pillow that was in his crib (because I didn't think he would actually stay there!).

I scooted toward the door a little... and he woke up and cried more. Then he flopped down again (it was so cute!) and I scooted a little more. He woke up again and cried but for less time. We continued the "scoot and cry" for about 5 minutes till he flopped over and was out. So precious.

He slept for about 3 hours before he woke up. I brought him to bed then.

The next night he went down very easily. We got Katie to bed and were snug as a bug until... 10:30 when Jake woke up crying. I picked him up and cuddled, then put him back in his crib (while keeping an eye on Katie to see if she was waking up). He cried for about 5 minutes but went back to sleep. This happened at 11:30, 12:30, 1:30 AND 2:30 but finally he settled and we were all back to bed. Katie didn't even stir till about 2:45 when I tucked her in again and she rolled over and covered her ears. In her sleep. I guess she's used to Jake's loudness.

Last night he fell asleep easily and I heard him crying two times during the night. Both times he stopped before I could get my glasses on (you know... so I could play Brickbreaker while I sat on the floor waiting for him to calm down). I was so proud of him... and me for sticking with it.

I kind of miss it though. Not enough to quit... just enough to be a little sad that it's over. Because we can't go back to where we were.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good Bye to Daddy's Glasses

Good bye glasses.

Mommy's glasses
Daddy's glasses.

We're down to
one pair

It's sad to see
them go.

They've served us well
and lived to tell

of many a time
in a child's hands
and yes,
drooly mouths.

Till now.

Jake and Katie,
you've done it.

Between the two of you

at least 4
pairs of glasses

(maybe more
cause daddy's a collector
and I don't know what
he's got goin' on)


please, have mercy
on these, our last two.

Katie and Jacob go to Play Center

Katie and Jake went to play center last night. It was great! We got there in time for Katie to make a cornucopia. Everything was already cut out so all we... I mean all she had to do was glue it down and draw the lines (like for the grapes and banana and stuff). She did great with the glue and the lines. We hung it up on the drying hanger and she went to play.

She was going to play with some fruit and scales until I drew her attention to the COOLEST dollhouse and dollhouse accessories! I think she played with that for at least 30 minutes with grandma while I wrangled Jake. He loved watching the kids and crawling on the toys. He even pushed one of those little vacuum cleaner type toys with the balls and when you push it the balls bounce and make popping noises. I held him up so he could stand but he used his little legs to move!

It was fun.

At the end of the night, after clean up time, the kids sat in a circle and the teacher led them in a song. They had "maracas" they made out of milk jugs from McDonald's and rice and shook those for the song.

I guess I should mention here that *some* of the jugs had beads, some had dry corn, and some had rice. The rice jugs weren't too loud but the bead jugs were verrrrry noisy.

And Katie is a little picky about noise. In fact, when she's not making it, she expresses a very strong dislike for it.

And these jugs were loud.

I was very proud of her when she joined in, despite the noise, and shook her little shaker just like the others.

I held my breath a little when I saw that she was shaking a little less each time that part of the song came up. Till finally her shaker, still in her hand, was resting on the floor. Whew. I was worried that she would throw it down and have a loud fit... telling everyone what she thought of the noise.

We got through the song and had a story. I liked it and I thought she did too.

Then we sang the goodbye song and headed out.

As we were leaving the parking lot, Katie says "Mama, I don't like that. I don't like the story and the singing."

So I decided to roll with it and I said that she didn't have to go back next week and then she was all "but I like play center, I want to go back!" and I was all, "Okay, but not next week because play center's closed."

Crisis averted. Again.

Go stand outside!

So about two weeks ago I was going to the store with Katie. She was wearing a dress. To be more exact, she was wearing a sun dress. A little chilly for the weather, I know but it's warm in the house and she's pretty much the dictator for what goes on while the kids are with daddy. I've come home to find her in a long-sleeve, heavy fabric dress in the summer and her sun dress in the winter and those are just the days when she's actually in "outside" clothes. I've pretty much decided to let it go and call it a draw. (And yes, we've tried to put an outfit in her "tomorrow spot" but if she's not "feeling it" she won't wear it.)

So, back to the store...

Katie didn't want to change out of the sun dress which was my first suggestion. And she sure didn't want to put pants on *under* the sun dress, which was my second, ahem... suggestion.

Finally I decided tough love might be the answer and I unlocked our sliding door and looked at her. She said "what mama?" in that cute *I don't know what you could possibly want from me... I already said I didn't want to put pants on or change my outfit so let's head out already* voice. She had on her shoes and socks and jacket and I ... I told her to go stand outside.

She happily went out and stood by the house. Smiled at me while enjoying the great outdoors. And didn't seem cold at all. Then I figured that standing next to the house wasn't the same as walking into a store so I figured she needed to go out a little more... to really experience the great outdoors.

So I sent her to the farthest part of the deck. She still didn't quite get it. Till I asked her if she was cold. She denied being anything less than cozy and warm but was ready to come in pretty quickly to get her pants on so we could go.

I guess that's "thinking outside of the box."

Mommy - 1, Katie - 0 (at least for now).

Friday, November 13, 2009

Jacob, you're not a stunt baby so stop it!

Katie's pink chair has been the scene of many a stunt. Mostly perpetrated by one baby boy.

Jacob has, on more than one occasion, crawled onto the seat, then onto the back then

1) slid off when the chair topples.
2) onto the seat of daddy's recliner, then onto the arm where he's tried to reach the lamp.
3) tried to get on the baby gate causing it to wobble dangerously.

It's too much. There's not enough padding to wrap you in to make mommy feel safe about any of these stunts.

So it's got to stop.

Katie has only ever ONE time crawled onto the seat, then onto the back, then toppled off when the chair fell back causing her to fall off of said chair and into the baby gate, scraping her back (at least that's what I assume happened because she was crying so hard she couldn't tell me). All because you did it first and came out of it laughing. Really hard.

So please stop. You're not a stunt baby and Katie doesn't need any more owies.


Dear Katie and Jacob,

My Sweet Children,

Mommy loves you dearly. Mommy loves it when you want to cuddle (Katie) and when you want to snuggle (Jakey) and I love it lots when you want to just sit by me and *be*.

I just have one request. It's simple really and there's no reason you couldn't help your mother out.

Please, PLEASE be careful with your tiny elbows and your big heads. This week, I've been poked and pushed, bumped and bruised. Jake, your head has bumped (with great force) against mommy's lip many a time and Katie, your elbow has poked(also with great force) mommy's nose. I have to say kids that this really hurts. It's usually far and few between that mommy worries about getting a black eye, fat lip, or bloody nose but this week you've really been active.

So, I would like it if you could be a bit more gentle.

Also, if I could just throw this out there, do you think mommy could have some quiet time just all by myself? Not a lot... maybe just 10 minutes each day after work to collect my thoughts before the complaint/demand "window" opens? I don't know if you realize this but before you, my precious babies, came into my life, I had hours and hours of quiet time. And it was nice. Then with the addition of one sweet, happy baby girl, that changed a little. Still pretty quiet but different. And with the addition of our sweet, rambunctious little boy it's changed a lot. Lots. Really a bunch. Playing by yourself you are still pretty quiet but when the two of you get together to play, you play together loudly.

Now, I'm not saying that I would ever want to go back to the boredom of those early days because I wouldn't trade either of you for any amount of peace and quiet or alone time.

I'm just sayin' that it would be nice if you could grant me, your wonderful mommy, 10 minutes of quiet at some point each day. Or at least the time it would take mommy to use the facilities all by my self. Because mommy doesn't feel lonesome when I'm going potty. Really, I don't mind.

So, that's it. You are both too cute for words.



An Ode to My Glasses

On the
bathroom floor.

Under a


As I step
out of the tub.

Katie playing
while I'm in the shower.

So quietly
but I didn't stop to wonder

What she might be
playing with.

I guess I should have asked.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Katie and the Rocking Chair

Whew! We had a GREAT day yesterday.

I had the day off - I could pretty much stop my list there, right?!

BUT wait, there's more!

The kids were sweet, I folded some laundry while they played in their room. Katie running around with a play drill, Jake watching her every move while trying to follow her around, both of them just content to "be". It was nice. And relaxing!

Then Grandma invited us to go to Walmart with her and Grammy invited us for dinner later that evening!

So we got ready to go to Walmart with Grandma and both kids were good. Not too much fussing. Bought some 12 month clothes for Jake since he'll be able to wear them... ohhhh, right about ... NOW. I had to buy a bag of trail mix for Katie to munch on since she was *starving* at the store. She was so hungry she reverted back to about the age of 1. She was adamant that she was not hungry before we left, but oh boy, once we got there she was staaaaaaarving. So it was a very smart impulse buy!

Then on to Sam's Club. Looked at lots of stuff.

At both stores Jacob sat in the cart in the seat. Usually I bring the carseat with me but Grandma wanted him to be able to look around. He sure did! He loved it. Stared at everything.

After we were done shopping we headed home. Mom waited in the car with the kids while I ran in with the "super duper juice" and the milk. When I started out again she called to me to remember Katie's water. So I went back in and got it. By the time I got into the car (not ever 3 minutes after mom got out) Katie was asleep. So was Jake. They slept ALLLL the way to Grammy and Grampys and Jake slept in the car while I carried Katie into the house and stayed asleep till we got to the door.

Ate a delicious roast with everything OH, and Grammy made some delicious sweet potatoes. With marshmallows. Marshmallows that mom forgot at home.

Dad came in and then we heard the car leave... and couldn't figure out where she was headed to!

Jake wanted to be into everything (there's a framed pic on the bottom of one of Grammy's tables that Jake goes for EVERY time were there! and he had a blast playing with some wooden spoons and a plastic funnel on, and the beach ball too!) and Katie was having fun with the chalk and the firefighter hats.

We were taking a bathroom break and Katie told me "Mommy, I like it here. I have fun."

She really did have a good time talking to Virginia about everything under the sun... she took to her right away!

We got home and that's where the trouble started. *Someone* took the remote and hid it. When I asked *someone* she said she didn't take it. I asked the same *someone* quite a few times but didn't really press the issue because I didn't know if John had moved it so the kids didn't play with it/chew on it. Then *someone* had a meltdown... Katie thought Jake was interested in touching her rocking chair. You would think it was made of glass and would break at a glance when really, it's sturdy wood. I told her to put it in her room and shut the door but she cried that she "couldn't do that because Jakey would get it before she shut the door!" Oh my. Not fun. Then "her knee hurt". So I got her an ice pack and moved the chair into her room... which is when I saw the toys she was supposed to pick up and put in her toy bins... "but not just in one pile sweetie... put the dolls with dolls and knex with knex... not in a big pile!" They were laying on her bed. In a big pile. So I called her in and she came right away (I get the feeling that she knew I had seen the pile!) and she cleaned them up.

When we were ready to leave the room, I told her that she should "turn off the light, shut the door, and get the tv remote." (If you remember from the previous paragraph she told me that she hadn't moved the remote.) What do you think happened? She turned off the light, shut the door, and WENT TO THE DINING ROOM AND GOT THE REMOTE FROM THE CHAIR UNDER THE TABLE. Hmph. We're still working on truth vs. lie.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Katie and Jake - First Plane Ride

I'm a little nervous but really excited. We (me, the kids, mom and dad) will be flying to Texas in January.

Nervous because I'm not sure how the kids will handle it... and excited because it will be really fun to see my family and introduce Jake to everyone. I'll get to see babies, kids who've grown from babies in the two visits I've made in the last 7 years, cousins, aunts and uncles, my grandfather... everyone!

I told Katie that we were going to fly in an airplane to get to Texas. She said "I scared mama." I asked why and she said "I scared I will fall out."

So we're back to nervous. What if she decides (at however many feet in the air we're at) that she doesn't *want* to be in the plane. I'm a little nervous that she will start her looooouuuuuud cry. It's like a siren in its repetition and it drives me bananas.

I think I'll have some candy (maybe suckers... maybe caramel wrapped around peanut butter wrapped in taffy - get it? Gooey candy = quiet toddler) for her during the flight and hope for the best. She'll probably be fine. Really. Probably.

Jake can only do two things... sleep or cry. I'm hoping he'll choose sleep. It's a long flight and I can't keep a bottle in his mouth the whole time. And candy for him is probably a no-no.

Then there's the car seat/stroller dillemma. Arg. I didn't ever think I would be able to travel anywhere while the kids were little (unless it was by car) so I didn't consider the logistics of a toddler and a baby.

I think mom has read up on stuff so I feel a little better but still... getting there is going to be a challenge.

But I can't wait!

Kids are funny...

I was folding laundry on Sunday and decided that I might as well pack the kids' bag for their trip to the lake on Friday.

Yes, I know it's a whole (almost) week away but there were enough clothes so I didn't think they would end up running around half dressed... well, maybe Jacob but he's usually in a onesie and diaper anyway (minus the onesie) so we would be fine.

I really truly did not pack them up on Sunday in eager anticipation of Friday's good bye's, no siree. I only wanted to avoid the rush on Thursday of bath and packing and all that good stuff. Katie decided to pack her toys too, even after I told her that we've got a lot of days to go before it's Friday and she might want to play with the toys she crammed into her toy bag to bring along... but she was determined to pack in advance. Oh well, I expect to see her toys on the living room floor when I get home. Oh well again. *sigh*

So, we had a great week. The kids were fun and cute and wonderful, as usual, there were no meltdowns and no one peed on the bathroom floor because they were too busy playing and didn't make it on time... 3 times. No siree.

No one spilled water on the floor while playing in the sink and then raced through the kitchen and slipped on that water and cried and cried and cried... No siree.

No one had a horrible accident on the living room carpet that grandpa helped clean up... No siree. (When I say horrible, I mean gross and icky... so it's a goooooood thing it didn't happen!)

So we've had a pretty quiet week with all of the stuff that *didn't* happen.

Oh, I hope to be updating more since I can do it on the road or from the comfort of my recliner now that (insert Oprah voice here... yep, it's her "announcey" voice I hear in my head when I'm really excited about something. I know. Strange.)

IIIIIIII got a blackberry!

I didn't think I would ever want one but John convinced me that we needed one for Christmas. We're sharing it because, while we did get a discouted price, the price tag made me second guess. And third guess... and keep guessing till I heard that I could go on Facebook and even do internet stuff (insert Oprah voice here...) from my owwwwwn recliner at which point I just had to say hook me up!

I did have a little gulp of worry about our budget but knew there was some wiggle room... I might have to save up for another month to get my under cabinet kitchen radio/cd player I've wanted for the last few months, but this is 10 times cooler so I'm okay with that.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Katie's ready to go (aka: why you should always keep a key handy)

Katie has been locking her bedroom door lately. The first time she locked it, she happened to be in her room. Daddy was not. He had to talk her through turning the little switch on the knob to open the door. I could make a comment about how hard it was to talk to her through her yelling and crying but I figure that's just a given.

But I think she learned her lesson... or at least, she learned how to lock and unlock the door at will so we haven't had any repeats of this.

So good for her! She has learned to lock the door AND unlock... the only thing no one thought to mention to her was that if you don't disengage the lock before leaving the room and shutting the door, you're kind of outta luck if you want to go back into the room and ya don't happen to have a key.

Once grandpa found out (he's the one who got to unlock the door so we could get back in) he was able to find a new door knob without a lock. Thank you Grandpa!

So yesterday after dad's doctor appointment he and mom decided to go to dinner. After realizing they forgot a gift card for the restaurant, dad came home and mom went shopping. Dad fixed the door knob and while he was busy, so was Katie. I guess she (the kid who never dresses herself without a lot of huffing and puffing because it's to haaaaarrrrdd... and she's to tiiiiiredddd) pulled on her skirt and a top and socks and shoes and told grandpa "I ready to go!" and really with that kind of cuteness looking at him, he couldn't say no!

So Katie got to go to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and she ate wild rice soup, baked potato, green beans, and steak. YUM!!!

I ate frozen burritos.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Look Mommy! Jakey is STANDING!

Yes, my little baby boy is standing up all on his own. He doesn't make a big deal out of it but me and Katie look at each other with wide eyes and smiles, sharing the moment. I don't know if Katie does it because she knows I'm excited but it sure is cute - of both of them.

He's done it so much in the past week that it shouldn't be an event each time... but it is. We get excited and we watch him and we try not to make any sudden moves. And he calmly reaches out and holds on again when he feels like it.

Jake started just letting go one day. He was standing by the couch and he... let go. And stood there till I got nervous and slowly reached out my hand to steady him if he got wobbly. Once he saw my move to steady him, he put his hand out and reached for the couch.

The other day he was holding on to the cabinet in the bathroom and he... let go. He stood there and then he started to crouch down... got a little wobbly and reached for the cabinet door but didn't stop what he was doing until he had one knee and one foot on the floor.

We were in the kids' room and he was holding on to the bed and he... let go. He stood and watched what was going on until he got wobbly and held on again. Calmly.

So I started thinking that maybe it's time for me to let go a little. Not panic when he stands up on the hard kitchen floor or a baby gate falls over onto him or he gets bopped in the head and almost run over by Katie because she decided she needed to carry her pink chair while running around the living room playing with Jake (yes, playing with Katie can be a contact sport). Not even when he crawled onto the seat of her pink chair and kept going over the back till it tipped over and he fell off laughing(!) when he slid to the floor. I did panic a little at that one.

He loves to stand up and "walk" while he holds onto the rolling chairs in the kitchen and I decided that I would try to let him even when I'm afraid he will fall over. I'll let him do this on his own so he can learn what he's capable of.

After all, it's not like he hasn't gotten a bump or bruise here and there and a little fall onto his tush isn't going to hurt him (not with his diaper padding the fall).

Matter of fact, most of the time he's doing great till I started to get involved!

Katie was easy when it came to this stuff. She waited so long to crawl and walk that once she did it she went full speed ahead (and it was time... I was ready to let go of my tiny baby and accept that she was growing up into the next stage of her life) so I wasn't as worried. Once she started walking, I could tell her "Katie, be careful" and she would slow down. I don't think it will be that easy with Jacob.

But I do think it's time for me to... let go. Let him see what he can do, test out his boundaries, be there for him when he does fall.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween (I'll add pictures later)

Katie had a great time on Saturday. She got dressed in her princess costume about 2 hours before we needed to be at church so I took some pictures. Jake didn't mind his lion costume (that Katie also wore when she was a baby) and he even kept the hat on!

Went to church and played games then saw a play.

Went to Target and Katie got a set of small pots and pans with utensils, which she loved. She was telling me "I keep my kitchen cleaned up mommy." "My kitchen is neat, isn't it mommy." So I really wanted her to have something special. And she loves it. She has been picking up her toys really well and she's been keeping her kitchen clean so I figured she deserved something special!

Pee is gross. Don't read this if you're squeemish.

We made our rounds to Costco (and yes, I did hold my ground and did not buy the huge bag of chocolate chips!) then to Paigey's to drop off Uncle Mike's camera charger, then to Rainbow for some extra stuff you can't get at Costco (at least not in a size that fits into our cupboards!).

We're finally at the checkout lane. Waited forever for it to be our turn and finally I'm ready to load our stuff onto the belt. When...


had to go potty.

I asked her, "Katie, do you really have to go potty now? The bathrooms here are not super clean and if you can wait for just 20 minute, we can be at home and you can go there! Can you wait?"

She replied, "I really have to go mommy... now."

So we left the checkout lane with only one longing glance and headed to outer Siberia, oh, I mean headed to the back of the store to use the bathroom.

Found a stall that looked okay, got her on the potty, then remembered something kinda important.

If she's not all the way on... sometimes there can be overflow... over the seat.

And as I watched, sure enough, out of the potty and onto her pants. Then I pushed the small scrap of toilet paper onto the seat, trying to stop the flow running down the base and again, onto her pants.

This was gross. And icky. But finally I just moved her legs out. Wish I had been that smart in the beginning!

It wasn't too bad, but she started to complain and I started to laugh. She was getting cross with me and I told her she had to stay put because mommy had to wash the pee off her hand. And I laughed while I washed. Twice. With lots of soap.

Then I turned and tried to figure out how to get her out of the store, into the car, into the house without the pee from her pants getting all over. Ick.

Finally decided to fold up the paper towels (thank goodness they had paper towels and not one of those air dry things) and put it next to her tush so it wouldn't get irritated, then wrapped another batch around her waistband so it wouldn't get on the seat and her shirt.

Made it out of the store (luckily the checkout lanes were pretty empty when we went back) and into the car with a minimum of complaints about how itchy she felt.

I'm laughing now too... It was funny. Even though it was gross.

Actually, I can say this is the first week BOTH kids have peed on me. Jake got me during an early morning diaper change.

I guess I'm a keeper!

Just a typical Saturday morning. Kids playing, tv going, lots of giggles and no sharing issues.

Katie looks at me and says "I don't want any other mommy than you, mommy." And I thought that was just the sweetest thing.

She said it about 10 times that day and on Sunday. It was very cute but at one point I had to ask her why she thought she would get another mommy besides this mommy. She just answered that she didn't want any other mommy that me, she didn't want any other daddy besides her daddy, and she didn't want any other brother besides Jake.

I was happy about that last part because a couple of weeks ago she told me that mommy and daddy and Katie should live here. When I looked at her, she glared in Jacob's direction and I saw that she was trying to hold the baby gate closed so he couldn't get into her precious kitchen... he might touch something!