Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Good Morning(s)

So this happened and I laughed.

Jacob brought his shoes into his room tonight. He never has before so, it was weird but I was busy and didn't ask what was up. Jackson came and got his shoes and brought them into his room too.

I just went to check on the boys and saw Jacobs shoes and full outfit laying on the floor... and Jackson's too! Literally, right in the middle of the room, on the floor.

Jackson looks up to his big brother and likes to do what he does and, if any of my kids has an outfit laid out and ready for morning, it would definitely be Jacob.

This kid is up every morning at 6:50 (he gets up when his alarm goes off and he WANTS to get up before everyone else!!!), he gets dressed and brushes his teeth, has his allergy medicine, then plays on the computer till its time to leave. He is very focused on getting through his morning routine so he can do what he wants. He's the kid I don't get much complaint from when it's time for chores!

Jackson gets up at the last possible minute, you know, once he can sense there's no more dragging it out and I'm getting ready to give him a consequence.

He often tells me he just doesn't want to get up, he wants to stay in bed, to which I reply (dryly)  "you and me both, kiddo." (I don't know if he really thinks that my favorite thing on a weekday morning is to be fully upright and getting ready to leave the house. If so, he would be wrong.  So, so wrong.)

He gets ready slooooooowly and I have to stick with him because I might *think* he's getting dressed when he's actually crawled back into bed and is cozy under his covers. I have definitely learned that I have to stick with him until it's time to actually walk out the door. I could think he's in the way out, he'd start walking TOWARDS the door, and then veer off to the side and head back to his room!

Also? When he finally gets dressed, he might be wearing pajamas, or he might be wearing three shirts (but he's dressed so really I only interfere if it's a weather issue or a safety thing)!

Katie's in between. She's not up and ready super fast, but at least with her, I know that once she's up she'll STAY up!

She sets her alarm and she's pretty good, generally speaking, at getting up when it goes off. Recently anyway. Now that she wants to move her room downstairs. Which I'm fine with. I just sooooooo don't want to have to run down the stairs every 5 minutes *in the morning* to tell her to get up... and then make sure she's up!

As of a couple of weeks ago, I'd have had to shout out to her to get up and turn her alarm OFF, that thing is so loud and she wouldn't wake up at ALL (and it was waking me up... I just want just 5 more minutes of sleep before I have to coax Jackson out of bed)! But lately, once her alarm goes off, she gets up and is pretty good at getting ready. I mean, sometimes I see her staring into her closet for a while, but I do the same thing and, once she's got things sorted, she's ready to go.

I'm so lucky the kids are how they are. I mean, I could use a little more cooperation from Jackson (but in the spirit of full disclosure, I'm not rushing to get him up... And in fact I *might* lie down with him to snuggle for oh, maybe 15 extra minutes in the morning...) but overall, I'm so thankful they are as good as they are every morning!

School starts soon. Not much change with the wake up and bed times from our usual schedule, since the kids are in day care and are used to the time. But it's that time of year for school supply shopping! (I am not excited, but I hope to do this early enough this year so I have options and can find good prices on stuff. Like 120 pencils. Sharpened. 😱)

Happy school supply hunting!