Friday, April 30, 2010

Is it strange the I'm watching a video on closet organization during my lunch break (and then blogging about it)?

Is it strange that...

I spend valuable lunch time at work watching videos about organization and reading blogs of the same topic?

When I get home and say "Katie, do you know what time it is?" she answers "Clean up time?" with wide, excited eyes?

I get excited over the prospect of helping someone organize their space?

I clap and make a big deal when Jake puts a toy back in a bin?

All of the toys go into the toy bins during clean up time which we do every day when I get home?

My kitchen counters are empty?

I like to clean out closets?

Ahem, I'll stop there. 

And not because my list is done, but because I'm pretty sure the answer will be a resounding "Yes."

Oh, um, no need to comment on this one.