Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Depressing rant... Full steam ahead!

(Oops! Just edited to get rid of all of those random characters.)

Ever get so excited about something that you've been working toward, that's finally JUST about to happen... it's right around the corner... only to find out, out of the blue, that it's not going to happen after all?

That was me today.

I've been working with the mortgage company to refinance the house. I've gotten paperwork and I've talked to the guy who sits with you to SIGN the papers. I thought this was a done deal.

Until today's call.

Todays call was a huge letdown.

We can't refinance because of a child support debt. A debt we pay each month. A debt we've been regularly paying off (the required low amount) for the last couple of years.

I'm... disappointed to say the least.

I'm also... mad, and sad, and very unhappy.

Now I have to mentally give back the $300 we would have added to the checking account as a buffer... and for car repair, new insulation, maybe replacing a window or two.

It would have been nice, because we ALSO have doctor visits, hospital bills (ER visits are not cheap), birthdays coming up, Christmas to think about (yes, starting to think about it now), and Katie's clothes that are in their last wears and will need to be replaced.

But, on the upside, our family still has a place to live, food on the table, healthy (aside from some stomach issues and colds) kids, cable and internet, cell phones, and one good car. So I guess it's not ALL that bad.

I'll just add all of that *other* stuff to my running list and *eventually* it will (probably? hopefully? maybe?) happen.


Thus concludes my whining. (And some really weird spacing between paragraphs.)