Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Presenter Rule #2: Brains shouldn't be projected onto a huge screen. Ever.

I was watching a presentation at work today and one particular slide totally grossed me out. Let's just say that if I ever need to give a presentation, I'll try to imagine the images as they might appear on a 6x10 foot screen.

Because a picture of a BRAIN (including what I think is referred to as the *ahem* brain stem - I'm citing "House" as my source for this info because, well, I like the show AND because I'm sure it's full of real life hospital-y information so I'm sure I had to have seen some brain related stuff at some point) is something I could have passed on seeing right after lunch. It wasn't really that gross at first... but the longer I stared at it (and it was on the screen for at least two minutes) the more I noticed the detail... and the more I noticed the detail the more I wondered if it was a picture of an ACTUAL brain.

So, all that to say "ick."
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When it's not all hearts and flowers... Or "The kids are out to get meeeeeee!"

Tonight was a rough night. I think the kids planned the whole "let's gang up on mom... but we'll wait till after dinner so she THINKS it's going to be a night like any other night until WHAM ZONG KABAM! We'll hitt'er with a symphony of cries, whines, and screeches." Yep. I think that's what happened tonight.

Now I don't really know if they planned it like this... but these kids are smart so I totally wouldn't put it past them.

Needless to say, I was super happy when they fell asleep and I *may* have turned off the TV (and every. single. light. in the house) to hasten the whole falling asleep process. Sometimes a good nights sleep is like a reboot for the body.