Thursday, June 17, 2010

Katie's Birthday Cake

This was Katie's birthday cake.

It's cute, right?

The white icing, the tiny flowers, the pretty springtime piping... the baby on top...


I went to Sam's Club with my mom and Jake to pick out Katie's birthday cake (she couldn't come for some reason... I think it was a church night for her) and I took about 15 pictures of *pictures* of cakes from their book.

And there were a. lot. of. cakes.  There were Dora cakes, Princess cakes, Fairy cakes, flower cakes... a huge variety and it was hard to decide which ones she would like, because I didn't want her to have too many options but wanted to give her enough options so she would feel part of the whole birthday decision process (since I decided on pretty much everything else, especially her cake decree.  I had to put my foot down because *three* cakes would have been excessive!).

So I was ready to sit with her and discuss the options and go with whichever cake she, the Birthday Girl, wanted.  Which I did.  I showed her the pictures and she weeded them out till we ended up with this, her dream cake:

I didn't know why the lady taking the order (on the day before I needed the cake, because I'm a planner like that) asked me if I wanted a baby with a pink diaper, blue diaper, or green diaper.

It made absolutely no sense to me at all... until I pulled up the picture on my phone and zoomed in on the center.  And realized I had included a baby shower cake in with all of the birthday cakes.  And *that's* the cake the Birthday Girl chose.

I think I stuttered a bit before asking if the baby really needed to be added to the cake... or maybe (in a very hopefull voice) they had some 4-year-old plastic kid decorations back there they could use?  They didn't. 

I was a little bummed but decided that it was still a really pretty cake and Katie chose it herself so I placed my order with... (after asking just once more if they had anything that could go in place of the baby.  They didn't) ahem, with my head held high.  Shower, smauwer!

Katie loved her cakes (I'm weak... the kiddos *needed* a cute Dora cake too and I knew we would totally eat it... eventually) and had a great birthday party and that's all I really wanted.

(Well, that and a little left over cake.  It was really yummy!)