Thursday, September 10, 2009

Super Duper Juice

So, there are some things that, before I became a mother, I never thought I would use, say, do.

I never thought that after being puked on, a wipey would be an acceptable cleanup tool. (Before kids I would probably have needed actual water with lots of soap.) But it is.

I never thought that pizza for dinner 3 nights in a row would ever happen. But it does.

I never thought I would ever want to tell my kids that I was off duty. But I do. And it works. I'm never off duty for hugs or cuddling or reading a book but I AM off duty for putting clothes on a doll, filling a sippy cup, changing said doll's clothes AGAIN... and many other things.

I never thought that I would have to hide pens higher than the kitchen junk drawer. But I do.

I never thought that I would pretend not to see something Katie did but wasn't supposed to do, just so I wouldn't have to give her a time out. But I have.

I never thought that I would lie to my kids to make my life easier. But I have. Case in point: The Toy Fairy and telling her Caillou and the other just as annoying characters have gone to sleep so we can't watch them right now.

Oh, and just last night I got a grocery list from John before leaving work. He said we needed super duper juice - that's our name for Sunny D (it's so cute when Katie says it). And I actually wrote down "super duper..." and groaned. Then laughed. Then threw out the post it note I had written it on and wrote "Sunny D, Milk, Ovaltine" because it would be too funny to look at this at the grocery store and see super duper juice. And become the weird lady laughing to herself in the refrigerated section and I don't want to be that lady.

All she needs now is a top hat and cane... ba dum ba.

Katie loves to play games with Jacob. She talks to him in baby talk. I heard her last night and she was saying "Oh, you're such a precious boy. Such a precious baby." and it cracked me up!

And when he's in his hi-chair eating she likes to hide behind him and pop out on one side and say "la la la" and then go to the other side and pop out and say "la la la". He laughs so hard at this. She does too! But mommy doesn't always laugh. Not because it isn't cute, because it is! Super cute.

No, mommy doesn't always laugh because it's very hard to feed a baby when my reflexes aren't great and his head is turning from side to side as fast as Katie can move from one side of his high chair to the other (which is pretty darn fast)!

Sooo, we've come to an agreement, Katie and mommy, that Katie will wait until mommy tells her it's okay to play the "la la la game" as she's so creatively called it! :)

Katie does reserve the right to ask every few seconds if Jakie is done eating... and if he can play now... and to say that she's waiting for me to tell her when he's ready. Which kind of distracts him, resulting in head turning, resulting in applesauce or prunes or berries on his face. Oh well. At least they aren't fighting. Yet.

It's more official. He's a crawler who likes to get around!

Last night Jake was in the living room and I was in the bedroom putting things away with Katie when who do you think made an appearance! Jacob... in the hallway. Jacob who crawled ALLLL the way from the living room, around the recliner, down the hall past the bathroom... all by his little self.

Whew. We're breaking out the baby corral soon since, in addition to being very curious and mobile, he also seems to like outlets and the things that go in them.