Monday, January 24, 2011

And in Baby News...

The big ultrasound was on Saturday and IT'S A...


(We saw a very clear picture so I'm pretty sure.)

I asked for a pic but the ultrasound lady told me (very nicely) that the clinic doesn't give out pictures of the sex prediction... I guess some people complained when their boy turned out to be a girl!

Katie came with me into the room.  Jacob was not interested in joining us (he was too busy playing with the big toys in the waiting room) so he and John hung out there during all of the measurement stuff and I called John when we were ready to find out the sex.

The ultrasound tech announced it (although by the time the picture came up with a direct view, we had pretty much gotten the idea) and I was inwardly cheering because Jake's clothes are still neatly stored in the basement and I don't need to send out any requests for the girl clothes we passed around more than 2 years ago.  You know, when we learned we were having Jacob and we *thought* we were done having babies.

John was excited too... but Katie was not thrilled with the news. She really wanted a sister*. I think she'll get over it when she realizes she won't have to share a room, or her clothes, or her toys.

*Katie is actually serenading me with a lovely song about how there's a baby in mommy's tummy and it's a boy but she really wishes it was a girl. For. real. I think she's done for now though... it was really very creative.

And Jake is little enough, and used to not having anything that's just for him to play with since Katie likes to take over his toys too, that he probably won't be upset by a new brother coming into his space.

Oh!  I also have a new due date. My original date was June 13 but now it's June 9.

I know, I know.  That doesn't seem like a big deal right now... and what's a few days more, right?

Ummm, wrong.

I can only imagine how ready to have this baby by the time June rolls around.