Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Katie gets to the point...

Last night just before I was about to head to bed, Katie comes to me and puts her head on my arm.

She looks at me with her "I love you" eyes and says, "Mommy, remember that night?, a little while ago, when I was scared and I cried and cried and you put Kipper on the TV? Remember that? And you said I could sleep in the living room... and you rocked me in the rocking chair and we snuggled? Remember? And then you went to bed... and you let me sleep in the living room and I watched my shows?"

And I said, "Yeeeeessssss?"

And she said, "Mommy, could you do that again?"

I told her that Mommy was going to bed and that she could come with me and we could snuggle while watching TV. That didn't work for her... because all she wanted to do was watch her shows.