Thursday, April 9, 2009

I made it out alive.

Today was my first day back at work. It went well but I really missed being at home with the kids. I got home tonight and Katie was excited to see me and Jacob, well, he didn't cry or anything. Me, Katie and Jacob went for a walk tonight and Jacobs eyes were wide open almost the entire time... he hardly blinked because there was so much to take in! Katie walked on the curb a lot and ever once in awhile she stops, sticks her nose in the air and lifts one foot up behind her and balances on the other for just a few seconds. It's cute. We got home and John had made some skillet ham and french fries and egg rolls and veggies for dinner. Yum! While we ate dinner, Jacob laid in his little papasan chair (it used to be Hunters) and kicked his blanket off of his legs and onto the floor. I picked it up each time it fell... at least 100 times and I think he thought it was a game! He smiled a little smile at me a few times. After dinner I fed him a few oz of bottle and he fell asleep in his swing. And woke up soon after! A little more cuddling and he was asleep again but I didn't want to put him down! Katie was so funny. She watched Mama Mia! and really liked it. Tonight she was using her new brush and mirror set she got from Grammy and Grampy for her birthday and put that down and picked up a small notebook and held it to her chest and sang Honey Honey here I go again, my mom, ... so funny! Me and John talked to her about the movie and she told us that the girl sang and she danced and ran around. She's so cute! After daddy took Jacob, me and Katie played with her kidknex she got from grandma and grandpa for her birthday. We made four of the "people" and she took the last two we made to play with in the living room.
Last night I said "Katie, it's 10:00 and mommy is off duty and so is Daddy." She said "I off duty too... and so is Jakey." I sat in my chair and said "I'm off duty but I'm not off duty for cuddles... do you want to sit with me and cuddle?" She said no. A few minutes later she said, "Mommy, you off duty, but not for cuddles right?" I asked her if she wanted to cuddle and she said yes.
Back to work again tomorrow. John did great with both kids today by himself and that's a great relief for me since I can't be here with them.

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