Tuesday, March 16, 2010

At least Desitin's chalky white color makes it easy to see.

I arrived home today to find happy kids and...

a table smeared on one end with Desitin. Lots of it.

At least I could see it. Usually we buy A&D, which as many of you will know is mostly clear... So we don't know where Katie has smeared it till we put a hand on the door and it slips off, or see a suspicious shine on the wall, or find a smooshed tube of it in another room far away from the diapers and can't figure out where she ended up putting it. But this time we got Desitin. Cub was out of a&d.

So anyway, I got home and saw the tube on the kitchen table covered in Desitin... and Desitin smeared on the kitchen table... along with a half eaten pudding cup. What a mess. John helped Katie clean it up.

Found pudding on Katie's bedroom floor. So she got to clean that up too.