Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Laundry. Why doesn't it just do itself?

I have a basket.

It's just one basket but it's full to the brim with socks. Based on the massive amount of socks in the basket, I am amazed that we have ANY socks in our dresser drawers.

I think about the actual size of socks. Not that big, right? And then I think about how many socks would be needed to FILL a basket. That's a lot of socks. And they're all in my basket.

And since I am the only person who I trust NOT to toss the socks around the room when forced to do something with them, I'm the one who will match them up and put them away. Although, if the kids were going to be home this weekend, I *might* have made them sit with me and help... but they're going to the lake with grandma and grandpa. So, down side is that I'll be matching and folding socks all by myself, the upside is that my matched and folded socks will stay matched and folded.

Of course I had to fit some fun friend plans into the weekend. We're going to some art thing... to look at some art. I'll get some culture and won't spend the day in sweat pants and a ratty t-shirt. I think there will be jewelry there too so I might even buy myself something pretty! That's my plan for fun.

My other, not so fun, plans include shopping for a new pair of jeans, getting an oil change, cleaning popcorn out of the van from the weekend, changing sheets, buying groceries. You know, the stuff that isn't as fun.

Oh well. It could be worse. I could be doing all of the not so fun stuff with three children in tow!

P.S. Here are some pics of the kids at a corn maze. Pumpkin carving pics to come soon!
Katie and Jake bouncing

Jake loved the corn pit

Queen of the hill


I wondered why he had such a weird expression on his face.
Then I realized he was being a pirate.

Katie got to hold a parakeet

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tuesday Nights have been busy nights...

Tuesday nights have been busy, busy, busy for me and Jacob. I signed him up for a gym class through the community center and so far the kids have played soccer, basketball, football, and baseball. It's like a sampler of sports. And it takes place INDOORS. Which I'm definitely a fan of.

The class only lasts 45 minutes and of that time about 15 minutes is spent wrangling kids. There are only 6 kids in the class but there's at least one kid not listening, running away from the group, or playing with the dots they're supposed to be sitting on. The teacher, Margo, is pretty much the most patient person in the universe. She's never raised her voice at any of the kids and she keeps them involved with the activity. Jacob really likes her. I'm undecided. She may be a pod person.

So, Jacob never actually wants to go to class so I tell him we have to go TO the class to tell his teacher he wants to cancel. And every week, he gets into the van and we drive to class and he tells me he doesn't want to cancel after all. I ask him if he *really* wants to go in and he assures me he *really* does. So in we go. We usually get there early and Margo is getting the balls out. Jake usually picks out a ball and the color he chooses becomes his color for the rest of the night. And no one better mess with his color. The other kids are kind of the same. They pick their color and that's the color they stick with for rest of the class. The funny thing is that next week, they change up the color. After class we hit the restroom and then we go someplace for dinner. I like that part. Sometimes even... Target. Even more awesome.

The other kids hang out at home with Grandma and Grandpa or (one week) with Grammy and Grampy. They haven't complained that they feel left out... yet.

As I type this, Katie and a friend are giggling from their bed of blankets on the floor. Katie wanted to invite a friend to Awana tonight. She's also been wanting to have this friend sleep over. Well, between Jackson getting sick, the kids being at the lake, me just feeling tired and not wanting to plan anything... it just didn't happen. But when I was texting her friends mom last night about this friend coming to Awana, I mentioned that she could also sleep over. And here we are! It's almost 9:30 p.m. on a Wednesday night and they're having fun watching Taylor Swift and One Direction videos and playing games (there may have been a "Roar" and a "Just give me a reason" in there too... with accompaniment by Katie and friend which is just adorable!). Lights out in 15 minutes.

Jackson wasn't feeling good. He's got a cough but otherwise seems fine. He made me smile tonight. He usually brings an assortment of funny things to bed with him, for example he went to sleep tonight with his baby doll, a slinky dog flashlight (from Toy Story) that really barks, his sippy, and my blanket. He wanted me to sing a song and as I started singing, he sang along.

We've got plans this Saturday with a few friends. I'm looking forward to it but at the same time I'm starting to plan. What goes into the diaper bag, what do the kids need to wear, do I have a bright shirt to dress each kid in so I can see them easily, how will they do on the car ride, did I buy enough food tickets in advance... the list goes on. But it will be a lot of fun. Tiring but fun.

Work is great too. I love my job. It's been a year and I still like what I'm doing and my coworkers are great. Busy but really good.