Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Katie = Mini Dictator

Katie has turned into quite the dictator lately.  She's decided that she can talk to Mommy in a very... ahem... forceful way.  In fact, some responses this week have been:

"Mommy. I. Want. Juice."

At my stare she's added a very quiet "please."

"Mommy, I will do it in 7 minutes!"

After another stare, I get this:

"Mommy, why you starin' at me?  I do it in se-ven minutes!" *

"Wheres my juice?!"

"Mommy, tell me about doctors, sing my song, or tell me the burglar story.  You pick."

"Mommy, I neeeeeed my juice!"

These are just a few of the gems that have slipped out of my sweet 4-year-old girl (over the course of the past 3 evenings).  And I've managed not to laugh at any of them.

I did however almost chuckle when she told me that the small electronic piano (It's about 2 feet tall and she carries it around with her and talks to it.  I know.  Strange.) is named Daisy.  And muttered to herself that "Daisy couldn't carry it because she doesn't have any arms". 

I'm glad she's going to start pre-school soon.  I just don't know if I'll be able to keep her imaginary friends AND any real live friends straight in my mind.  Hopefully none of her live friends will be called Honey, Lola, Zola, Goga, Daisy, or Emmy.

* She's really got a thing for the number 7.  And sometimes she says it in a way that implies "I've told you this a hundered and seven times before... se-ven, seven, se-ven... Okay?  Got it?  Duh."

PS: She wasn't on her way outside.  Her footwear is a fashion statement.
PPS: Juice demands are an ongoing thing for us.  And the funny thing is that she can fill up her sippy with water at any time but chooses to flail about insisting that she is soooo thirsty rather than drink water.
PPPS: She wears that crown ALL of the time.  Maybe *that's* where her dictator-y attitude is coming from!