Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Katie is "nesting"

I got home from my first day back to work after our wonderful vacation and John told me that Katie asked him if she could make a nest.

He said sure, not thinking about what she might be using for her nest, and went on with whatever he was doing.

Awhile later he realized that it was very quiet, and we all know that when it's very quiet it usually means a haircut (to even out whatever the child cut off crookedly), an emergency hospital visit, or a lot of tape (for piecing together whatever the child cut apart). So he went to check.

And found our darling, creative daugher in her bedroom making nests... out of uncooked spaghetti noodles.

Sooo, I'm hearing this and kind of laughing, happy that Jake was probably sleeping and wasn't involved or we might have needed that trip to the ER!

Then Katie comes by and I ask her if she asked daddy if she could make nests out of spaghetti noodles and she said "noooo".

Then she tells me that she hid a nest. And ran off before I could find out where exactly.

And I was relieved that we a) knew where to erect the crime scene tape till we found the hidden nest and b) that she told me there was a hidden nest.

I asked John about it and he had already found it.

Under her bed.

A spaghetti box, still pretty full. I guess ya never know when you'll have a nest emergency.

I'm Back! (This is a very long recap of our trip... so long that I got tired of typing and lost some of my witty way with words. You've been warned.)

Whew. What a busy busy BUSY last few weeks!

I spent a lot of time at work and at home prepping for our vacation to Texas which we've just returned from.

We got up early (like at 5 a.m.) and packed three huge suitcases and six carryons (I know, crazy right?) to leave for the airport. I didn't know what to expect with two small kids and three adults (mom, dad, and me) but things went pretty smoothly. At security we had to put EVERYthing on the belt, including the stroller, car seat, and base and walk through the screener. No big issues there - what a relief!

Got into Harlingen at about 11 a.m. and got our stuff from baggage claim and got the car rental settled.

It was a Camry. The rental place said it was a full size rental but... well, see above re loading up the car at home with 3 huge suitcases and 6, yes, S I X carry ons. Add a large stroller to that and, well the Camry was stretched beyond the full-size limit. Which is why mom had to sit up front with the stroller. Yes, I got a picture. : )

Stopped for a potty break and headed to Sam and Tencha's. Katie asked if we were going to see Olivia. I said no. Then when we arrived she asked if this was where Olivia lives. Again, no.

She's so excited to see Olivia because the two were on Skype one night for about an hour and a half "playing" with the dolls and stuff.

Finally arrived and got settled there. Jake got to run around and I got my exercise chasing after him. He's faster than I remember.

Had delicious tamales and a couple of hours later we had fajitas and it was all so good I had a hard time sticking to my semi-diet!

Jake stayed at Sam and Tencha's with the playpen we borrowed and me and Katie went to David and Estela's. Stayed in a very comfortable guest room with an attached bath (which is kind of necessary since I want to shower AND keep an ear open to listen for Katie).

Woke up late, ate breakfast, then dad took Katie to Olivia's to play while me, Jake, mom, and Esmer went to Bargain Bazaar to look around and then to a taco restaurant. Very good food, fun shopping! Mom and Esmer stopped at a panaderia for some treats and I stayed in the car with Jake.

For dinner we went to Taco Marys. I liked it a lot - good tacos. The place had sliding doors instead of windows on three sides of the building. It was funny to see people get up and walk out those doors.

Mom came back to Davids with us and stayed there that night.

Went to church at Iglesia Biblica. Katie went to Sunday School (but I had to go with her) and liked it. I think it was more fun because Estela is the teacher. Jake slept.

After church we went to Sam and Tencha's and had barbecue. The Cowboys/Vikings game was on and we just had fun talking and eating. I went shopping with cousins and then to Norma's house to visit. Fun time, we laughed LOTS. Katie and Jake stayed with Grandma and Grandpa.

Went to lunch with Norma, Katie, and Jake at Red Lobster. Yum. Love that place. I had the stuffed flounder and it was delish.

Went to the park with cousins and kids and Jake walked everywhere. Katie talked to Lola and Jake almost fell asleep in the baby swing with Jeremiah.

Enchiladas for dinner - so good. I tried to replicate but more on that in another post.

Shared lunch at Chili's with mom and Katie and drove around to see how things had changed. So many more stores and shops than there were just 4 years ago.
Mom and I made a spaghetti dinner for Sam and Tencha.

Cindy's birthday party. 14. I can't even remember being that age. It was a loooong time ago.
Esmer made the cake and Joey decorated. It was so good and the airbrushing was really good. Played Wii, ate cake. How much better does it get!?

Beach Day! After stopping at Whataburger and at the sea shell place (you can't miss it if you're near Port Isabel. Like, literally can't miss the 50 foot high seashells, huge dinosaurs, and fish scene cause they are so big!) we drove to South Padre and played in the sand (the kids, not me. I took the pictures). Had a great time and then... Katie was washing her legs off and a wave came up. Drenched her from the neck down. She was not happy. In fact, if her screams were any indication she was verrrry angry. Had to get all of her clothes off and wrap her in Jake's receiving blankets I brought *just in case*. Good think I brought three. Katie used two and Jake needed one after sitting down in the wet sand. So both kids were outfit-less during our 30 minute drive to Pita's for dinner. Except... we did not go to Pita's. Nope. We headed to Brownsville. Toward the Mexican border. On accident. So we turned around and finally arrived. No time to head home to change. Luckily I brought a new outfit for Jake and a skirt for Katie. Pita had a top she loaned her and we were set. Dinner was great - arroz con pollo - and we visited for awhile before heading home for bed.

Horses! Went to the house of a couple David knows and we saw horses. The man was grilling... yep, fajita meat. We had a delicious surprise lunch and got to see horses up close and walk among cactuses, cacti? Katie kept them at arms length but Jake wanted to jump into the enclosure and touch them. We kept a good hold on him.

Dinner was at Lalo and Zulma's house for Adolfo's birthday. Great steamed chicken with potato and veggies. Yummy cake and good visiting time.

Katie went to Olivia's and me, dad, and Jake went to Sam's house. Hung out till Katie was ready to go home and then dad dropped me off at Walmart to get baby water and while I waited for him to get back I got my hair cut... short.

Met cousins at the house and went to Chili's. YUM! We shared a lava cake.

Then we went to Belinda's for the night and I had a makeover. Yep, me. Made over. Hair straightened, makeup applied, photos to document the look. It was really fun.

Went to Dad's Aunts house for a bit, then Sam and Tencha's for good-bye's. Very sad. I'll miss everyone a lot.

Left for the airport at 9 a.m. on Monday. Flight went good if you don't count the kid screaming "get me OOOutttt, let me DOWNnnnn!!!" I was just relieved that it wasn't Katie or Jacob.