Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I leave the room for 5 minutes...

I had to go to the bathroom so I let Katie stay at the table. She colored on herself. I wanted her to admit it and she wouldn't.

I told her nothing would fall from the sky and land on her if she admitted it. A few minutes later she told me "Mommy, something landed on me. Something fell out of the sky and landed on me. Something heavy."

Now she told me I should say sorry to HER for taking her pen! Then she told me it was a tattoo! WHAT? I thought we would have at least 10 more years free of body art demands!

Oh, she also apologized for writing on the jar opener. She just gave it to me and said I could give it back to her when she was good about not writing on things.


She goes from sour to sweet right before my eyes. Love her to bits.

One more pic of my Katie!

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A pic of Katie's drawing garden

Note the circles and shaded areas representing the hole and covered up seed. She's got a great imagination!

If Katie learns how to use chopsticks...

I told Katie that the coupons I just put on the table were for restaurants. She said that we should have a Katie Mommy date and go to a restaurant and to the store. Just us.

I asked where we should go and she said "Maybe we should go to China and we can eat with chopsticks.". Really... Where does she get this stuff.

I don't know how to use chopsticks!

Then, using a pen and a stick from one of her games, she showed me. Rub it in why doncha.

Oh, and NOW she's going to show me how to make a garden.

Gardening according to Katie:

First you make a hole. Then you drop a seed in. Then you cover it up with all your dirt you digged out. Then you drop another seed in. Then you make a flower!

Last night geography (drawing a squiggly for Tecsus, Florida, and Minnesota)... now gardening and chopsticks. Tomorrow? Maybe a little world domination!