Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mommy Fail? Not a chance! (This time anyway)

Katie came to me on Tuesday morning and said, "Mommy, do you have my nickels?  For the nickel jamboree today at school."

I told her that was tomorrow and she said (doubtfully), "Oh, okay...  Are you sure it's tomorrow?  I don't want to miss it."

Then I told her to check the calendar in the kitchen.  The calendar she can't read yet.  The calendar that's so high up on the wall she can't really even touch it.  (This is intentional.  She may be a big girl but she still likes the sound of paper as she rips it into tiny pieces.  My calendar is paper.  Therefore, Katie should not come into contact with it until she's at least 10.)  Duh.

I heard her in the pantry yelling to Grandpa that "Mommy says it's tomorrow."  She still sounded doubtful.

And even though Mommy said she was sure it was Wednesday and not, in fact, today... Grandpa got her a baggie of nickels for the jamboree *just in case*.

Just. in. case.

And what does that tell you about the level of trust bestowed upon my by my dear daughter and my dad?  Hmph.  Maybe a little lacking... and through NO fault of my own!  I've never forgotten to get her stuff ready for a school event, or to pay the school for something she wants to do... Never ever.  (Although I did kinda forget to make Katie's lunch on Monday night but got it together on Tuesday morning in time for her to have the usual jelly-no peanut butter or she won't eat it-sandwich, chips, and a pudding cup.  I usually try to include some fresh fruit* but there was no time to cut up strawberries...  and since I don't think she realizes that I usually get that ready the night before, I doubt she would use this as an example of a semi-Mommy fail sooooo, I'm not counting it either.)

* Arg.  Just remembered that I forgot to buy bananas when I was at the store on Monday night.  I looked at them about 20 times but wanted to get them last so Jake wouldn't want to eat one (or 10) before we checked out.  And I forgot them completely. *sigh*  I sense a grocery trip coming up soon.

But I was totally right and I knew it.  Not because I'm so up on all of the pre-school happenings but because they kindly scheduled all of their stuff on Wednesdays.  (A silent thank you is being sent right now to whoever decided that consistency was key when scheduling events for kids when mommy works and has enough trouble remembering what she's got going on that day... or just what day it is.  It's always nice to know that if Katie goes to school for one day, the next day she's got a field trip.)

I still checked the calendar though, *just in case*, because there's always that chance that I'm wrong.  (I wasn't wrong.)

So, by the time I went to bed on Tuesday night, Katie's lunch was packed and in the fridge, the check for her tuition was in her bag, and her $5 in nickels is in a cute coin purse, also in her bag.  There wasn't too much room when her small-ish bag also holds:

Change of clothes

Also, and I've only rescheduled this 5 times!, we're planning on going to the Farmers Market on Thursday.  John and the kids are picking me up from work early and, barring torrential rain or horrible heat... or both, we'll be wandering around looking at veggies and soap and salsa, (oh my!) for the afternoon.

Until we need to leave for Katie's dentist appointment.  Her very first dentist appointment!

We've talked about going to the dentist before and I've learned that if there's one thing (besides the doctors office) that Katie is adamantly against having anything to do with, it would be the dentist office.  Which is strange because she's never had a bad experience there.  I took her to one of my cleaning appointments and so has Mom.  She was fine.  Sat in the chair and hung out and talked to me (I couldn't answer but the dentist assistant did).  Nothing scary there.

So I thought it would be a great time for her to get her teeth checked but when I mentioned that it was time for her to see a dentist, she started to cry.  Hard.  She was very upset. <---- Understatement.

Sooooo I haven't actually told her she's got an appointment.  I'm hoping she won't ask why we're dropping Jake and Daddy off at home and not us.  I'm hoping she'll just assume that I need to have my teeth cleaned.  I'm hoping she'll be so tired from the Farmers Market that she can't summon the energy to freak out.

At the very least, I'm hoping she'll save her freaking out until we get to the dentist and she's in the chair and they can show her that it won't hurt to have the dentist look at your teeth (at least at her age with her new little teeth... but two crowns later and I can say that sitting in that chair with the dentist looking at my teeth scares me.  They usually find something that needs fixing.  I hold off because a. it's too expensive and b. I don't want to have someone poking my gums with Novocain.  Mostly b.  Then it gets worse until I can't put it off any longer and it's more expensive because they have to do two crowns instead of one and the cost of crowns is roughly $600 EACH, and shouldn't you get a discount if you have to have two of something?  They're in there anyway just drilling and scraping away...  *deep breath*) for a few minutes, get her new toothbrush and floss, pick out her sticker and go!

Oh well.  At least if she's freaking out, her mouth is wide open (mostly from the yelling and screeching) which usually helps when the point of the whole thing is to see all of your teeth.