Thursday, May 20, 2010

Katie loves her new hat. (If you like prizes, you should really read this!)

Katie loves to go to Target with me.  And it's not because I buy her things.  Really. 

Except for this time. 

Katie tried on hats and looked so cute that I realized she *needed* one to make her summer wardrobe complete.

She tried on purses and sunglasses too, but I totally put my foot down* and said "No".

* Okay, so I waffled about the purse, which was green and cute and summery and fun, for a few minutes before I really did put my foot down.  I just had to give myself a serious talking to before I put it back.  I mean really, how many purses does one mommy need? 

Ahem.  So, back to Katie... I only bought her a hat for OUTside (and yes, I have to specify - I literally had to hide it from her because it was getting filled up with toys).  It was something she really needed so she didn't need to keep track of sunglesses.  These get lost easily at our house.

Can you guess which hat made it into her wardrobe? 

I'm planning to award a prize (a $10 Target gift card!) for the correct guesser.  Pink or Beige.  Contest details (brief as they are) are listed at the bottom of this post.

In other news:
We also had a recent trip to Menards (after a delicious Applebee's dinner).  Grandma watched the kids while dad and I looked for wood for another project I've had in mind.

Grandma and the kiddos in what might possibly be the only moment of peace she got during the entire trip:

Contest details:
Add a comment with your guess: Pink or Beige by 12:00am CST on May 31st.  I'll post the lucky winner AND the prize on June 1st.