Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Katie is sharing!

The kids made it home from their weekend with grandma and grandpa. It was a nice break for mommy and daddy but we missed them a lot. Katie went in her potty chair a few times (with a few more accidents) and she was so proud! She and grandma called us to tell us the exciting news!

Today is birthday day for Katie. We're having her party tonight and everyone, except her grammy and grampy who are in Florida for the winter, will be here. John said she was calling people on her cell phone yesterday and he heard "Uncle Mike, you be here for my party? Okay, bye" and I guess she "called" Jenny, Paige, grandma and grandpa and Uncle Mark and... needless to say, her phone was busy. She got a cookie from grandpa yesterday and was breaking little pieces off and saying "one to me, one to mommy, one to Uncle Mike, one to Jenny, one to Paige, one to me, one to daddy, one to John, everyone going to eat cookies" and we were supposed to have cookie at her birthday. I asked her if we should have cake too but she said no, cookies. So when I told her that I could cancel the cake order, she decided we should have cake first, then cookie. I guess it's a moot point anyway since someone (nonchalant whistle from mommy here) started nibbling the cookie pieces last night and there may not be enough for everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Wejust read your posts for the last few days. They are so cute. You write very interesting things. When we talk on the phone you don't tell all these cute things they do so is fun to read them. Have a great day. Love, G & G