Friday, November 13, 2009

Jacob, you're not a stunt baby so stop it!

Katie's pink chair has been the scene of many a stunt. Mostly perpetrated by one baby boy.

Jacob has, on more than one occasion, crawled onto the seat, then onto the back then

1) slid off when the chair topples.
2) onto the seat of daddy's recliner, then onto the arm where he's tried to reach the lamp.
3) tried to get on the baby gate causing it to wobble dangerously.

It's too much. There's not enough padding to wrap you in to make mommy feel safe about any of these stunts.

So it's got to stop.

Katie has only ever ONE time crawled onto the seat, then onto the back, then toppled off when the chair fell back causing her to fall off of said chair and into the baby gate, scraping her back (at least that's what I assume happened because she was crying so hard she couldn't tell me). All because you did it first and came out of it laughing. Really hard.

So please stop. You're not a stunt baby and Katie doesn't need any more owies.


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