Monday, November 2, 2009

Pee is gross. Don't read this if you're squeemish.

We made our rounds to Costco (and yes, I did hold my ground and did not buy the huge bag of chocolate chips!) then to Paigey's to drop off Uncle Mike's camera charger, then to Rainbow for some extra stuff you can't get at Costco (at least not in a size that fits into our cupboards!).

We're finally at the checkout lane. Waited forever for it to be our turn and finally I'm ready to load our stuff onto the belt. When...


had to go potty.

I asked her, "Katie, do you really have to go potty now? The bathrooms here are not super clean and if you can wait for just 20 minute, we can be at home and you can go there! Can you wait?"

She replied, "I really have to go mommy... now."

So we left the checkout lane with only one longing glance and headed to outer Siberia, oh, I mean headed to the back of the store to use the bathroom.

Found a stall that looked okay, got her on the potty, then remembered something kinda important.

If she's not all the way on... sometimes there can be overflow... over the seat.

And as I watched, sure enough, out of the potty and onto her pants. Then I pushed the small scrap of toilet paper onto the seat, trying to stop the flow running down the base and again, onto her pants.

This was gross. And icky. But finally I just moved her legs out. Wish I had been that smart in the beginning!

It wasn't too bad, but she started to complain and I started to laugh. She was getting cross with me and I told her she had to stay put because mommy had to wash the pee off her hand. And I laughed while I washed. Twice. With lots of soap.

Then I turned and tried to figure out how to get her out of the store, into the car, into the house without the pee from her pants getting all over. Ick.

Finally decided to fold up the paper towels (thank goodness they had paper towels and not one of those air dry things) and put it next to her tush so it wouldn't get irritated, then wrapped another batch around her waistband so it wouldn't get on the seat and her shirt.

Made it out of the store (luckily the checkout lanes were pretty empty when we went back) and into the car with a minimum of complaints about how itchy she felt.

I'm laughing now too... It was funny. Even though it was gross.

Actually, I can say this is the first week BOTH kids have peed on me. Jake got me during an early morning diaper change.

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