Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Tomorrow we're celebrating Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpas.

Mom and grandma are making (between the two of them) turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, salad, dessert and probably more stuff I don't know about. I'm still a little unclear on what I'm supposed to bring. I guess I should call grandma. Now.

We're going to head over, eat lots of food, sit holding our tummys and head home.

Then on Friday we're going to decorate the 4' tree I bought at Menards with a few little ornaments and a polka dot ribbon Katie picked out. We decided to avoid the large, very heavy tree decorated with many breakable ornaments till Jake is out of his "shake it till it falls over or lands on you" phase. He's also going to be a climber so maybe we'll be using the small tree next year too.

This tree is going to reside in our living room window so if you're in the neighborhood on Friday night, swing by for a peek! (This is not an invitation for everyone we know to come into the house... though I guess we don't know many people and if you really wanted to stop by, just call first and I'll whip up some dessert and move Katie's kitchen and many toys from where they block the front door so you can enter without breaking someting - and by something I mean an arm or leg. No coffee though unless ya like instant.)

So, we're excited about that. And then on Friday night I think Katie is going to the lake for the weekend. Dad mentioned it to me last night but didn't actually invite her so I'm wondering if he was just expecting me to catch what he was throwing out there in the form of saying that mom will be shopping this weekend and he and Katie would have fun doing stuff or if I still need to confirm she's invited before I pack her clothes and she packs 50 of her favorite toys in multiple bags.

If she goes, I think, now that Jake is sleeping in his crib (woooo hooo!!!) I might attempt to watch a movie. But, I'll probably just end up going to sleep at 9:30 when I put Jake down cause that's what seems to happen.

Ahhh, and I don't have to work on Friday. I have a 4 day weekend to relax and have fun! Unless I go out to catch some black friday sales. Which I probably won't. Because it's probably not going to be relaxing. Or fun.

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