Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thanks to Grammy and Grampy...

Thanks to grammy and grampy, me and John had two great babysitters so we could go out to dinner!

Katie was excited to go over to grammy and grampys for awhile and our conversation while getting her ready went something like this:

Mommy: Katie, who are you going to see tonight?
Katie: Blank stare
Mommy: It's someone you are excited to see...
Katie: Donovan?
Mommy: Noooo, someone else!
Katie: Lori Kuger?
Mommy: Noooo, someone else!
Katie: Grandma?
Mommy: Noooo, grammy and grampy!
Katie: I like grammy and grampy.

So all was well. She got dressed and we got everything ready. John got the walker in the car for Jake, bottles were made, extra clothes were packed... then Katie got fussy. And I mean fussy. She started to cry about nothing. She wanted her daddy to hold her. So he did and she fell asleep... I mean she was OUT. He put her to bed and I put Jake in his crib because he had fallen asleep too! I called grammy and grampy to cancel our babysitters and they offered to come over here. Whew! They saved our evening out!

They came over, watched Jake, looked in on Katie, and went home after we sat and talked for about an hour once we got home. We had a nice dinner at Sarna's and I got to use the $20 gift card I got for my birthday.

It was a nice night... till Katie woke up at about 1:00 a.m.

and stayed awake till 5 a.m.

I was busy with Jake so John had the pleasure of staying up with Katie and making her a hot dog for dinner at, oh, maybe 2 a.m.

But it was okay, he got some rest, I got some rest, and we were all ready for our fun day on Saturday.

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