Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't step on Honey!

Mom and Dad came up last night for dinner and we ate a casserole grandma made - it was delicious! Thanks Grandma! Katie and mom were outside watching a city worker climb a post to look at the wires or something and then it was time to eat. Katie didn't want to come in but she wanted me to sit outside. She wanted me to watch her so no one would steal her. So maybe she is listening! I told her I could watch her while I ate dinner but she should come eat too! She didn't, she cried, she got louder, she got time out. She cried there too but usually her attitude changes once she's out of her TO. She came to the table and ate and was fine. She polished off almost a whole can of green beans AND her casserole AND some cranberries! Then we cleaned up and watched Bedtime Stories. It was cute. We also had yummy cake and ice cream!

Katie was playing while she watched and when the movie was over mom and dad went home and I cleaned up our stuff. Katie had some toys set up in the path to the kitchen and she said "Mommy, be careful! Don't step on Honey. She's sleepin here" and made a vague gesture toward the floor. So I avoided that spot, even though it meant walking out of my way, around where I thought she was over and over while I picked up. Katie fell asleep and I guess I forgot that Honey wasn't real... because I still tried not to step on her even after Katie was sleeping.

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Mike said...

Good post sis. I laughed about still walking around Honey after Katie went to sleep. You're a good mom.