Saturday, July 25, 2009

Free is one of my favorite words!

Today was the day of Byerly's Western Roundup. We drove out to Rachel's house and then followed her, Donovan and Marshall to the St. Louis Park store.

The flyer said Calf Ropin', Bull Ridin', Horseshoe Tossin', and alot of other "in's" along with ...


So we went. We stoped at the Chuck Wagon and Saloon first and had our fill of mini hamburgers, chips, and pop. Then off to the "pony express races" where me and Rachel rode an inflatable "horse". I rode with Katie and Rachel rode with Donovan. I didn't go very far. I was laughing way too hard... and then I looked over and there was John. With the video camera.

After the horse races we stopped at the "outhouses" which were port-a-potties with a poster on the fronts to make it look like an outhouse. It was cute. Still a port-a-potty but cute. After business was handled, we took pictures of the kids, and me and Rachel.

Then we went to the horseshoe tossin' area and the kids did that for a few minutes. They had a great advantage over me since they stood about 2 feet from the post but they're so cute, who can complain!

Then we headed to the cotton candy stand and got ours. After that, a trip to the wash station was needed. Both kids' faces were covered in cotton candy! Then we headed to the horse ropin' and stood in line. Donovan and Katie sat on the horse (not a real one...) and tried to "rope" the calf (not a real one). Neither kid was successful but it was cute to watch!

Our last event was the bouncy room... but I guess it's really called the Moonwalk. I didn't think Katie would do it but I think Donovan was a good influence. She was right there ready to go in with Don, even standing on the blacktop without her shoes so she was ready. That's not usual for her. She's actually never gone on the moonwalk EVER, so we were very proud.

After the moonwalk we listened to "Trailer Trash" the band that was playing for the evening. We had decided to head home (at about 7:30) and I got up from the blanket and it flipped over. All of our chips, the containers, two water bottles... EVERYTHING that was on the blanket flipped off. So that was fun. Katie had fallen and skinned her knees awhile earlier so she was clingy with John and I was holding Jake. I put Jake in his stroller and he fell asleep pretty fast so I could pick up the mess.

Katie on the calf ropin' ride:

We headed home and watched Evan Almighty. Jake's asleep in his crib, Katie's asleep on the floor, and I'm about to fall asleep in this chair!

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