Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Katie and the tossed cookies

Mom asked me if Katie was a mama's girl... I guess Katie was downstairs visiting with her and mom was making dinner and using a screen on the pan to stop the splatters and Katie told her "my mommy has one of those" and then when she was using a scissors "my mommy has that" and when she used a spoon, "my mommy uses that" and I guess it went on for a bit with my mommy this and my mommy that!

On Thursday, Katie and mommy went to pick up some clothes from Alex's house. On the way there, I asked her if she wanted to go to the lake with grandma and grandpa over the weekend and she, of course, did! Well, she asked "mommy, and daddy, and Jakie too?" I told her it would just be her and grandma and grandpa and it would be so fun but she said mommy and jakie too. I had to tell her that it was just her and she said "I know! Mommy go to work and work real fast and come home and mommy and Jakie go to the lake too! How precious is that... she was planning for me so I could be with her. Even if I was looking forward to the weekend bonding with Jacob and doing the things I can't usually do with her there. She finally resigned herself to going, as opposed to staying home with mommy, daddy, and Jakie which were the only two choices I gave her!
When we got to Alex's house, the kids played and I went through tons of cute clothes to pull some stuff for Jacob AFTER I got to hold little Makayla! She's just a tiny armfull, a very dainty little girl! Alex is such a good talker, very clear, and a wonderful host... he asked his grandma if he could have a treat and if Katie could too. He asked me if it was okay and he was so sweet. They both had their treats and played together. On the way home, we had to stop at the library and Katie said she wanted to get some books for Alex. :)

Bad news; Katie tossed her cookies all over her bed on Friday morning. John heard her crying in her room and went to see what the ruckus was about and saw the mess. He got her changed, put everything in the washer and calmed her down. I was impressed.
She was feeling better pretty quickly and so we figured she would be okay to send to the lake with gamma and umpa and since there were no further cookie tosses all day and no general ickiness, we felt pretty okay about it. So, cut to later that night when the three got to Culvers for the Friday night dinner. Umpa was carrying Katie into the restaurant when... she puked all over herself AND him. Luckily for them both, they had clothes for the weekend in the car and could change, but probably not too fun for dad since, when he's carrying Katie her face is pretty much right next to his face... and she probably didn't worry about aiming away from him when she... ahem... I won't go into details on that one. Needless to say, it was pretty gross and not too fun for any of the participants.
I got updates from gamma throughout the weekend and it sounded like Katie was having a very fun time. She was pretty happy she went. She bought a bracelet at a craft fair, grandma bought her some stuffed animals and a little baby stroller at a garage sale and she got to "order" whatever she wanted to eat. She didn't throw up any more and seemed to be back to normal on Sunday.

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