Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If you think Monday was bad...

Tuesday. Does anyone write any songs about Tuesday? Someone should. They could call it "Go back to bed... it will only get worse!" and they could dedicate it to Katie. I guess she had another tough day today. She asked for carrots... AGAIN and we still don't have any.
When I got home, she was downstairs playing with grampa and having a blast. She was invited to go to dinner with grandma and grandpa to Old Country Buffet and grocery shopping after. Well, she was a bit testy so I asked if she wouldn't rather stay home and eat yummy orange chicken and rice but no, she clearly said I want to go to Old Country Buffet. So, okay. Off they went, with one pause to leave her chapstick here. She loves her chapstick but just can't be trusted not to turn the dial till it all comes out of the holder so that's one of her "contraband" toys.

When they got home, around 7:45 or so, we went for a walk. Katie pushed her baby doll in the stroller (see the cookie tossing post) till we were about halfway through when she dropped her second to last piece of candy. She had eaten MANY pieces of candy already so I wasn't about to let her eat this one off of the ground and boy she was NOT happy. Grandpa gave her a ride home on his shoulders which she loved and mommy was in charge of bringing the baby doll stroller - with the baby doll strapped into it. Katie looked back every few minutes to make sure that I was still there and that her beloved baby doll was being treated right... even going so far as to tell me "Mama, don't drop my baby doll, okay!?" Well, we got home and she had a bit of a meltdown. She wanted more candy and grandpa gave her a tootsie roll which she could not have until she said thank you. Well, she would not. So I gave grandpa the candy back and we went into the hallway outside of her room and ours where I let her choose which she wanted - jammies or time out. Well, it sounded like she had forgotten her entire vocabulary with one exception... the word candy. She said candy, i want candy, candyyyyyyy, candy candy, mama, candyyyyyyyy. So she got a time out. She sits on the rug next to the bed and cried for candy the whole time. It was very pitiful but at no point was I tempted to give her any candy. She tooted and I said, Katie, was that you tooting? And she said, mama, my toot wants candy too. I had to laugh and luckily I was able to cover my face with her jammies. It was so funny! Finally after time out was over, I got her jammies on and we sat and rocked and I told her that mommy was in charge of candy from now on. I would decide if she got it or not. So hopefully that will stop this need for sugar she was showing us tonight. It was not very sweet! She went to bed at around 11 tonight. I sat up till almost midnight writing this stuff... twice because I hit some combination of keys and deleted all but my first few sentences and so had to remember what I had written... gulp... not an easy task!

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