Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday, Monday... da daaaa da da da da... da daaa da da da da

(Just an added little hint about this posts title... I had a mama's and papa's song stuck in my head and it just happened to fit today's exciting theme.)

Monday was fun for John. Just kidding... it wasn't so much fun. I called in the afternoon to say hello to my little darling daughter and learned that she and Jacob were both crying machines. I asked what was up and he told me that it started when she told him she wanted carrots. I was like... "well... we don't have carrots." He was like... "I know." in a very deadpan voice. I think he *might* have already tried to explain that to her. She wasn't accepting that as the final answer. Even hearing the commotion at home didn't stop me from wishing I could be there to see Katie since I only got to see her while dad carried her from the car to her bed. And it was only her tush that I saw since she rolled over to her tummy right when she laid down!
Monday evening I got home and the living room was empty... no one was in the back yard... I didn't see any of my family! I thought they might be playing hide and seek since sometimes Katie does that when I get home. But she wasn't in any of her usual hiding places - laying on the floor between the couch and the coffee table or peeking out at me from under the living room bench or giggling from under the kitchen table. I finally went into the bedroom to change my clothes and saw John and Jacob laying in bed. John told me that Katie was taking a nap in her room. I kind of figured that bedtime at a decent hour was a bust. When John told me she had been sleeping since 3:00 so I really resigned myself to a late late night.
Well, Katie wanted pot pies for dinner and I was going to make one for her in the oven but she told me she wanted me to make it in the microwave. It tasted better. Well, okey dokey! I tried to convince her that it tasted better in the oven but she was sure the microwave was better so I broke down and made it in the microwave. Then I started to make my dinner - hot dogs and mac and cheese. I know... why, right? But for some reason it sounded really good. So I'm making my noodles and suddenly I hear a loud thud and then another... coming from the kitchen table where Katie was eating her pot pie and drinking her chocolate milk out of her tiny glass. Well, she was drinking her chocolate milk... until she dropped it on the floor and it sprayed across the kitchen. There was chocolate milk on Katie, on the floor, on the stove, on the door, on the table, on the wall, on Jacob, alllll over the kitchen! Katie was about to start crying when I told her that she smelled good... like chocolate milk! Once I did that, she felt better. Well, mom and dad took the kids for a walk and I cleaned the floor, walls, table, stove, door, everything that had a hint of chocolate. Then I ate my delicious dinner and cleaned up. When everyone got home, me and mom took the kids to grammy and grampys house for a visit. We were there from 8 till about 9:30 and grammy and grampy held Jacob while Katie played. Grampy told her to go into the kitchen and get the broom out of the closet, which she did and then open the closet door, which she did, and then to use it to bump the tiger she loves so much off of the high shelf so she could reach it... but she was too short and grampy had to do it. She played with the beach balls, tiger and some dice while we visited. She was stacking dice 5 or 6 high and was so proud of herself! We left when the kids started to get crabby.
I was right about bed time. Katie was going strong until just after midnight and when she finally fell asleep, it was on the floor next to the coffee table. I tried to get her to lay in her bed but she didn't want to do that. She wanted to lay on the floor and me to lay on the couch. When I mentioned that we should go lay down in bed... she put her hand on my knee to stop me and said, mama, I lay on the floor and you lay on the couch, okay? It was very serious!

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