Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's all about Katie...

We went for a walk on Tuesday and saw a girls lacross game in progress. Katie and grandma got closer to see what was going on and Katie was paying attention and watching the game and inside I was cheering because it's my hope that Katie will be so much more "sporty" than I ever was. Well, after our walk we filled daddy in on what happened and he asked Katie if she saw the girls playing a game and would she like to do that when she gets bigger... and she said "nah", then I said that maybe she wants to be in dancing classes... again with the "nah", then maybe (oh, please oh please) gymnastics?? "Nah" Daddy said that it was okay because she's going to play basketball. There was a little pause and I held my breath... "Nah" Humph. Well, maybe I'll just have to sign her up for all of the fun things she might like and if she hates it, we'll stop. Yes, mom... if you're reading this... just like you did to me and Mike when we were kids. :)

Wednesday evening I worked late and John picked me up. We went to LaCasita and ate chips and salsa and tacos. Yum!

Jakey had a bath when we got home and he smiled through it. He does that. Stares intently and then decides that you're worthy and he'll give his best big baby grin. He's such a smiler. After his bath, I laid him on the living room floor to get him dressed and he was totally captivated by the movie on TV. Enchanted was on and he was watching it and had a tiny smile on his face. Katie likes this movie too... it's a fun combination of cartoon and reality. Jake fell asleep after his bottle and Katie and I played kick the ball (I hold him while we play.) Then it was time for daddy to take over and me to get Katie to wind down... I don't know who has the tougher job!

I was doing my usuall bathroom routine when Katie told me, very seriously, that "Daddy can't see you on the potty mommy" Well, that was a strange thing to say so I asked her why and she told me that "Its not appropriate." Huh!? She must really be listening to me because I've used that line on her before but we've never (and I mean never) discussed this particular topic. She just pulled it out of thin air. Wow.

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