Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Katie and the no friends rule

Katie and grampa were talking and grampa said that she needed to go potty in the potty chair so she could go to school and make friends. Katie said "I don't want friends. I don't want friends till I'm 5 years old." And if I know my Katie, she probably crossed her arms and gave a "hmph" and turned her head to the side with her nose in the air.

She seems to have a tiny attitude issue. It comes out when she wants something that she can't have or just when she's talking in general. That whiny tone or the demanding tone. I think she's getting better, at least when she talks to me. She starts with a tone but usually changes it, sometimes mid sentence, when I look at her with a "reminding" glance... you know... the one that silently says that time out isn't too far away. The raised eyebrow and the watchful stare usually works to stop a mean or whiny tone. If that doesn't work I can usually tell her that I don't understand her when she talks mean and if she talks nice I can. Of course, even the threat of time out doesn't matter if a full meltdown is in progress... that can only be resolved with the actual time out and a talent for ignoring the "mama... mommmmy... I want OUT... I want OUT of here... Mama!!!. Even in the midst of a tough time out, this still gets me to crack a smile even if it's not one I can share with my precious, wonderful, opinionated, stubborn, sweet, independant little girl!

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