Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jacob and the big foot

The other night, during our ice cream cone time, I was holding Jacob in the kitchen while Katie enjoyed her ice cream cone.

I had a foot shaped teether that goes in the freezer and decided to try it on Jacob since he's been eating his hands so much lately and it's frankly a little disturbing. Not to mention worrisome when I hear him choke on his little fingers. So I pulled it out and managed to move his little hands out of the way and set it lightly against his gums. He wasn't too sure of it at first but then he seemed to get what it was for and started to chew on it. After a minute, he had his hand on mine and he would push my arm back and the teether would come out of his mouth, then he would pull my arm in and the teether would go back into his mouth. He did this for about 5 minutes before he decided that he would rather have his bottle. I was so surprised that he figured out the cause and effect of it all at his little baby age of 3 months! Plus it was super cute watching him.

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