Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day weekend was so fun... I needed a week to recouperate enough to write about it.

Katie liked playing with Paige's melmo and other toys. She really liked the big slide climbing thing Uncle Mike put together in the garage. She was "helping" Paige at the end of the slide - just putting her hands gently under Paige's arms so she wouldn't fall down... even though Jenny was right there holding onto Paige. Katie was telling her not to worry she would catch her.

Jacob is his happy self at gramma and grampa's place!

And so it begins...
Friday was, as usual, busy and hectic trying to get two kids ready to go to gramma and grampa's for the weekend. I finally got everything packed (and I mean EVERYthing... since we can't go anywhere for longer than 4 hours without clothes changes, baby swing, bathtub, Katie's dolls, bottles, formula, books, jammies, diapers, wipes, and, well, everything) and everyone in the car and we were on our way!

Jacob fell asleep pretty much right away and Katie dozed off a bit later. What a peaceful ride! Usually, since we ride up with Gramma and Grampa, I think it makes sense to put my head back for a nice little nap. Well, Katie doesn't think I should close my eyes so it's a lot of me with my eyes shut for 2 seconds and Katie telling me to open my eyes. At least she hasn't wanted to play her game I fondly call "duck" - a game that involves Katie choosing random bridges or large signs and telling everyone to "duck! duck!" underneath. It can be just a tiny little bit tiring to do this for any length of time... not to mention it kindof hurts my neck.

We got up there late since mom had to work till 9 p.m. but there was some pizza left from Mike that made for a good snack. Katie was asleep when we arrived so dad carried her to bed and she stayed asleep. Gammy cuddled Jacob and fed him his bottle until he was asleep. Mom took Jacob that night and I slept like a baby! :)

We ate a delicious breakfast on Saturday that Grandma made - egg dish, pull apart sticky rolls, fruit - soooo good! John was there in time for breakfast since the men were going to be putting in the docks that day. Well, after breakfast they started their work and Katie went out to watch. She played out there for a long time - until she was so cold I figured she couldn't feel the cold cause her fingers were numb! Lunch was delicious chili and I made the cornbread. Katie helped me and we made one batch where I put the honey into the batter and the other batch we put the honey on top of the batter after pouring it into the dish. The batch with the honey on top was fluffy and sweet and looked pretty. The other batch was, well, not so pretty. Just a word of warning to anyone planning to put honey into the batter before it's in the dish, expect to have to call them cornbread bars... because that's what they will look like. Thin unappealing looking bars. But I guess they tasted really good because there were only 2 left at the end of lunch! The men really seemed to like them.

Before lunch, me, mom, and the kids went to Walmart for some necessities - meatloaf mix and pop were mine. Well, I walked out of Walmart $70 poorer. Katie got a new summer dress and some cute sandals, I bought mom's mothers day gift, I got some stuff that John requested, and two cute tank tops. I wish I could focus on only buying what I need but it's pretty much impossible when at Walmart.

John and I had a silent exchange before I left. He was outside and I was inside and O hollered out the window to ask him if he needed anything. He pointed to his heart and to the fire and at first I thought he was telling me that his "heart" was on "fire" for me. But it turns out he just wanted heartburn pills.

We got home and hung out till dinner. Dad made a feast to say thanks for the help with the docks and it was so good I could have eaten it every day since! He made fajitas, grilled chicken, grilled sausage, mom made dessert salads and pico. It was sooo good. We all ate till we were stuffed.

Jacob got a bath at some point and in the evening, Paige and Katie jumped into the tub for a quick hair washing for Paige and some play time with dolls.

Mike and Jenny had a movie we watched and then it was off to bed. Everyone else played games.

Sunday we went to church and saw a slide show of family pics. Mom had a slide in there with a few pictures of us and the kids. They were really nice. When we got home, we started to get dinner ready and we took some cute pics of me and the kids and Jenny and Paige and grandma and mom and mom with me and Mike. Then we ate lunch - meatloaf I had put together the day before, cheesy potatoes, corn and other stuff I can't remember. The men went back outside and the ladies opened up mothers day cards inside.

Soon after, John headed home and a while after that, Mike and Jenny and Paige left. I ordered pizza for supper and we ate and got packed and headed home.

Fun weekend!

Katie and Paige played on the sheep together for a few minutes until Paige decided she was ready to try it on her own. Katie was unseated and Paige settled into the full seat all by her big girl self!

Sunday: Katie was playing outside and I watched her pick these. She came to the house holding these in front of her and then she said "close your eyes mommy" and put them behind her back. I closed my eyes and she counted to 3 and said "open your eyes" and I did and... then she pulled this beautiful bouquet out from behind her back. How precious! I told her I loved them and they were beautiful and I put them in a glass. She wanted them back a few minutes later but they were mine and I kept them!

Katie with gramma's musical bears!

Grampy and Jacob

Finally some peace and quiet.

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